Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Fitness Post

So since I got pregnant, I pretty much quit jogging.  See high heart rate.   Oh, and excessive tiredness that causes me to sit on the couch and go to bed as early as possible.  I am still doing some stroller walks, but mostly Wyatt and I just go on a bike ride every day.  Soon my belly will get too big and we won't know what to dooooo. 

But anyways, a mama in my mama group was selling a fundraiser pass I just couldn't pass up.  $30 for a 3 month gym membership with child care. Oh, and the child care is at least acceptable because my mamas group takes their kids there. 

I am hoping to go 2 to 3 times a week.  I am allowed 2 hours of child care a day, which I would probably never use all of, but you can't find a babysitter that cheap! It comes out to less than $1 / hour.  I could just go there to take an enjoyable shower or watch tv. ;)

I tried to find a pregnancy friendly workout plan on the usual websites with workout plans, and they were all super lame-o.   I know the basics.  No lunges, no squats, no exercises where you lay on your stomach or back.  Keep your heart rate lower than 140.  Don't lift heavy.  I would still like something with a little guidance.  Surely someone has created a decent workout plan.  I will post one if I find it. If you have one, please send it to me!

Today, I did 2 sets of 8 reps of whatever weights / machines were close to the tv where I could monitor the child care room.  Wyatt was happy the whole time and wandered around and explored and played new toys so I hit up the treadmill and walked for 20 minutes.  I forgot how much I enjoy jamming out to music while "working out".  The child care seems good 'nuff for me.  I know it's not the best, because the kid who is crying the most gets held and then they just kind of run around and referee all the other kids while holding the crier(s).  Let's just say I wouldn't want their job. 

I can't wait to go back.   Memories of corporate 'Merica where I went to the gym and worked out whenever I wanted!  My corporate 'Merica gym had clothes which was really nice while pregnant.  Guess I have to find some sorta workout maternity clothes here soonish. 

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Our 7th Anny

Today we have been married for 7 years.  Whoo hoo!  We are going to celebrate by not exchanging gifts and attempting to go out to dinner with Wyatt.  Chick Fil A here we come!  Kidding, we will attempt somewhere slightly fancier...maybe...probably...or order pizza.  My biggest pet peeve at restaurants is that all high chairs have a broken buckle so Wyatt plays jack in the box for most of the dinner.  I am going to call ahead and request a functional high chair...or bring rope! 

Anyways, we have had a lovely 7 years and I am looking forward to 70 more.



I think Hunter is a keeper!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My New Favorite App

Do you use Gmail and have an iPhone?  Do you like to get most emails outta your inbox but have a few that you need to think about later?  Meeee toooo?!?!  Well, go get the Mailbox app by Orchestra.  You can snooze your emails, move them out of your inbox for a few days, trash them, or archive them.  I wuv it.  This app might be really old and I am just finding out about it...not sure.  The goal....getting to Mailbox 0.  It is a wonderful state that can never last very long!

****Yah, I know you can do all this with labels and flags in the standard Mail app or the Gmail app but it it just not easy on a mobile device. 

Now, if I can just find an app that will keep the mating mockingbirds from chirping from 1:00 AMish to 5:00 AMish EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  I read some stuff about fake snakes and plastic owls, but I just can't find the energy.  I don't really like to do ear plugs in case I need to hear my Wyatt, but I am almost to the point! 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Worstest Post Partum Moment

I went to the doctor today and heard baby # 2s heartbeat.  Yay!  I feel a little guilty for not obsessing about this baby and thinking about the baby's future constantly.  With Wyatt, I don't think I thought of anything else.  With this bebe, I almost forget I am pregnant when I am not feeling too tired.  Anyways, bebe # 2 seems a bit more real thanks to some lub-dubs on the doppler.

This did remind me of my worst post partum moment (at least the one I would type about on the interwebs).  There are probably a few that are worse that should not be shown to the world.

So the hospital we delivered at had this mandatory child care class you have to go to before they allow you to go home.  Well, Hunter and I went.  It was probably 30 minutes or an hour long, but felt like 4 hours.  I was fighting tears for most of the the class.  Mostly from pain...we had to sit on hard metal folding chairs and I could barely move.   A big part of the tear fighting came from all these moms that were showing me up. 

I showed up to the class in my sorta clean doubled up hospital gowns (one on the front and one on the back).  I wore my flip flops.  I probably brushed my hair?  Not really sure.  EVERY other mom there had on makeup and cute jammies and and and if they weren't in jammies they were dressed like they were going out to lunch with their girly friends.  I didn't know it was that kind of party.  I thought we were all just trying to survive this thing.  I told myself the whole time that they all had regular deliveries and I was the only c-section and that was the reason it was ok for me to be an absolute mess and them to be put together.  I don't really know if this is true, and I don't really know if delivering the normal way gives you that much of an advantage but I was grasping for straws here. 

Having a c-section means you lay in a bed for something horrible like 24 hours after delivery with a catheter and these things that compress your legs and make you feel hot and itchy and ANGRY.  It also means you only get to have chicken broth for your first few meals.  I have no clue how your body feels after pushing a baby out, but I was in major pain after having a baby scraped/cut/pulled out.  When I was finally allowed to stand up and walk to the bathroom by my big girl self it was all fun and games until the pain meds wore off.  I couldn't even lift Wyatt out of his plastic crib on wheels without help.  Getting dressed...ha.  Makeup..bwah!  I don't think I even packed cute jammies.  Give me more pain pills puh-lease....my pride hurts!  I am skipping this class with baby #2.  Shouldn't we be allowed to?

Anyways, within a few days, all was well and I was living a normal life and my Wyatt was here and healthy and happy and I was hormonal and working on finding my groove.  Not important note...it did take about 6 months before I could do a full sit up.  I know not why....others on the interwebs complained about the same thing.  I was queen of the abs pre-pregnancy so was muy frustrated-o.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stuffity Stuff Stuff

I am thoroughly spoiled from the San Antonio trip. Lots of eating at my fave places. Lots of time away from Wyatt.  Lots of being cleaned up after.  Lots of happy Wyatt.  Bike rides in my old hood.  I had a great time...even with a radiator crack a lack on the way.

Sometimes I have to kiss matchbox cars and trucks. I giggle every time I do this. 

We had fajita bowls tonight and I am already thinking about leftovers tomorrow.  Sadly, I will be out of avocados.

Wyatt pee-peed in his potty twice today.  I guess I need to go read up on some potty training methods.  I am sure it is actually too early for real success, but I am a little shocked that this happened.  Tips please. 

I am also confused by all of this person if interest deportation talk.  The world is too big to do our own research so we have to rely on other people to report and now we have no clue what is twisted and what is real.

Wyatt doesn't let me rock him in the rocking chair. He has to sit beside me.  I get to cuddle with him but it's not the same. I get a little hug right before I lay him down and that is it.  He still reminds me to call him "my baby Wyatt" and then he says "bed".  OK, I get it.  Sniff sniff.

I suppose I will finally announce to the internet world that there may be a valid reason for my lack of postings....especially fitness and cooking related.  Boom boom pow!  I have a due date in October. I have the energy of a 98 year old.  I have a bloodhound sense of smell. I have a fear of having a girl but also want one at the same time.

Our Pinteresty attempt.  Belly growth in a 2nd pregnancy is shocking!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A 4.5 Hour Bathroom Break

Summary of a "quick" last minute trip to San Antonio....

Leave town after a deeee-lightful lunch.
Watch temperature gauge creep up higher than normal but reassure myself that self is just being paranoid thanks to many overheating vehicle experiences growing up.
See temperature gauge really shoot up then hear service engine "DING" and see smoke coming out of truck.
Celebrate because the next exit is .5 miles away and there is a gas station with a McDonalds.
Select a nice parking spot and chillax while truck cools enough to pour some more coolant / water in.
Purchase $15 coolant, pour into truck, start truck, watch truck spew entire contents of coolant onto the ground and admire large crack in radiator end cap.
Make calls to spouse and father in law and cousin with big truck and big trailer.

Pass the time....
Eat McDonalds dipped cone
Explore toys at gas station
Watch "biiiig twucks" come in and out at gas station.
Pass the time...
Watch Wyatt push a loader around the parking lot
Do puzzles, color, stickers
Pass the time...
Play with more gas station toys
Eat McDonalds for dinner

Trailer is here with a spare truck for us to take on to San Antonio.
Wave bye bye to my truck loaded on trailer headed home.

So lucky to have my mama in law with us!  So lucky to have family with big trucks and trailers willing to drive out and save us. So lucky to overheat next to the exit. 

Gas Station Toys
Loaders an big trucks and me talking on cell phone
Playing with McQueen and Mater in a busted truck


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ice Cream for Dinner

We created a situation where I was forced to feed Wyatt ice cream immediately before dinner.

He likes to "help" me cook.  One of us pushes a chair over to the counter by the stove.  He
"helps" by unloading my kitchen utensil drawers, pouring out salt and peppah, stirring air, and his favorite is "smells" where I open the lids of all of the spices and he smells them. This is all tolerable because I can work on whatever meal I am trying to cook.

On Monday, I was trying to make a salad similar to this one but added our leftover grilled corn.  I gave Wyatt the Costco sized garlic powder to "smells".  He was really getting into the smells, and a few moments later the garlic powder was all over the counter and floor and ALL IN HIS MOUTH.  He was cry drooling.  I have tasted about a finger tip full of garlic powder before and I remember how horrible it tastes.  I tried to get out as much as I could in the sink but he wouldn't let anything touch his mouth.  He wouldn't drink anything. He wouldn't eat anything. He smelled horrible and the drool was out of control. I panicked, pulled out some mint cookies and cream ice cream from blue bell and started forcing it down. After about the 5th bite, he started asking for more and calmed down.  He finished the bowl, and then I had a spoonful to calm me down too.

After he was all recovered (aside from the horrible breath), he asked to "smells" again. I thought that activity would be forever ruined.  No such luck!  Not sure which spice is the safest to smells now.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On The Hour, Every Hour

I was trying to be umm cutesy and take a picture every hour last Friday to liven up the blog.  Start strong, finish weak.  Wyatt took a 4 hour nap which sounds like heaven, but I spent the last 2 hours
fretting about how sick he was going to be when he woke up.  He woke up a happy dude....just needed a really long nap.  They (kids) just do this to throw us off our game and make us (parents) paranoid.  Anyways, you probably don't want to see 4 picture of me sitting at my laptop / staring at the baby monitor.  I will share the pics I took before the epic nap threw me.

8:00 AM - Find boots Mammaw bought and request to wear them. Over jammies.  Mama too lazy to change.
9:00 - Play trucks and blocks while I attempt to work a bit in the morning. Still jammy time.

10:00 - Get dressed for grocery store trip. Rocking our hand me down Mater and McQueen shirt.

11:00 Check the mail, then check the cows visible from the mailbox

12:00 Lunch time bebe

5:00 Relief that Wyatt is not sick after epic nap. Whew!

Well people, this is a true day in the life of a work from home mom.  Boring enough for you?  Hey....I did leave and go to the grocery store! Some days we only go the front or back yard.  :)

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chicken Salad

I am not a big mayo fan.  At least plain mayo.  Yuck.  It looks disgrossting.  Mayo is a necessary for things like potato salad and chicken salad and I do really like those.  The chipotle mayo for dipping chips or fries in is pretty tasty too.

When I was in Georgia, my cousin Carol prepared a standard chicken salad....chicken, celery, mayo, etc but then she put it in the oven and warmed it up.  And then she melted some cheddar cheese and crunched up some wavy Lays chips and that made it fabulous.  Can't believe I have never thought to do that.  Serve with more chips of course!

My favorite girly girl chicken salad came from my Aunt Helen.

2 Tablespoons oil
2 Tablespoons vinegar
2 Tablespoons orange juice
1 teaspoon salt
4 boneless skinned chicken breasts, cooked and cubed
1.5 cups mandarin orange slices (16 oz can drained)
1.5 cups pineapple chunks (16 oz can drained)
1.5 cups green grapes, halved
1.5 cups diced celery
2. cups cooked rice
1 cup slivered almonds
1.5 cups mayonaise

Combine first 4 ingredients and toss with chicken. Combine remaining ingredients and toss well.  Refrigerate before serving. Serve on lettuce with crackers.

What is your favorite jiggly white lardy-lookin mayo based recipe? 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Blog Name?

I am thinking about changing my blog name from fun five minutes ago to boring and neglected blog.  If the name fits, change it?

Trip summary time.  Flying out of Houston's Hobby airport is great thanks to the size and location.  Wyatt and I were seated in seat 14B in no time and heading to Atlanta.  Wyatt kicked the man next to me on the right every 5 minutes or so.  I stopped saying sorry after the 14th time and he seemed to tolerate us.  I wouldn't say there were smiles, but he did say that it was ok.  The guy on my left was wearing a nice little sport jacket and taking a snooze.  Wyatt splashed some water from my cup on him and it went all over his jacket.  He didn't notice.  I didn't bother to tell him. Note....do not accept a complimentary beverage when holding a child.   Seriously, he really couldn't have been better behaved.  

Georgia was wonderful.  We stayed at my cousin Carol's place in Tucker.  She has spare bedrooms, bathrooms, a big back yard, and a John Deere mower that Wyatt spent a few hours sitting on.  Brmm brmm!  Another cousin, Wanda, had a pack and play ready to go at Carol's house.  Some epic naps were had in that bed...not the usual for our traveling man.  Carol convinced the family to come over to her house every night for dinner so we didn't have to travel much and I got to put Wyatt to bed early and still socialize.  Perfect! 

Easter dinner was on Saturday.  There were close to 40 relatives gathered together to celebrate.  Ooh wee, we had some good food.  Caramel cake (never heard of before but pretty fab), Brunswick Stew, Aunt Jackie's casserole, macaroni and cheese, some kind of peanut butter dessert, strawberry shortcake.  I can't even remember it all.  My family planned some major activities for the kids.  100ish Easter eggs stuffed with candy and money, glow in the dark Easter eggs in the basement, a pinata filled with goodies.  Only 2 kiddos were able to make it....Wyatt (18 months) and another kiddo Chase (2 years).  They probably didn't enjoy it as much as the older kids would have, but these 2 kids went nuts and were really sweet putting eggs into each others baskets.  Not sure I will be able to top the haul ever again. 

Wyatt likes to "smells"

Basket was so loaded he kept toppling over
Loved dying Easter eggs

We made a day trip to the South Carolina side of Lake Hartwell to see my sister's place.  It was a shorts and flip flops kind of day and we had a great time out on the boat. Susan made us some excellent burgers to top it off.

Wyatt n Aunt Linda
Our only 2 tourist stops were The Varsity (my dad's fave hot dog place) and Stone Mountain.

What'll you have?  Naked dog and fries pwease

Base of Stone Mountain
Flight out of ATL was pretty tolerable.  There was an open seat next to me so lots of wiggle room.  The people around me humored us and picked up marker lids and Easter eggs continually throughout the flight.  We flew during nap time, and as usual, there was no nap to be had. 

So glad we made the trip!  Loved seeing everybody.  Loved the few days off from work.  Now I just have to find a way to return to normal life where I cook my own meals and work hard during Wyatt naps.  Perhaps tomorrow?