Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A 4.5 Hour Bathroom Break

Summary of a "quick" last minute trip to San Antonio....

Leave town after a deeee-lightful lunch.
Watch temperature gauge creep up higher than normal but reassure myself that self is just being paranoid thanks to many overheating vehicle experiences growing up.
See temperature gauge really shoot up then hear service engine "DING" and see smoke coming out of truck.
Celebrate because the next exit is .5 miles away and there is a gas station with a McDonalds.
Select a nice parking spot and chillax while truck cools enough to pour some more coolant / water in.
Purchase $15 coolant, pour into truck, start truck, watch truck spew entire contents of coolant onto the ground and admire large crack in radiator end cap.
Make calls to spouse and father in law and cousin with big truck and big trailer.

Pass the time....
Eat McDonalds dipped cone
Explore toys at gas station
Watch "biiiig twucks" come in and out at gas station.
Pass the time...
Watch Wyatt push a loader around the parking lot
Do puzzles, color, stickers
Pass the time...
Play with more gas station toys
Eat McDonalds for dinner

Trailer is here with a spare truck for us to take on to San Antonio.
Wave bye bye to my truck loaded on trailer headed home.

So lucky to have my mama in law with us!  So lucky to have family with big trucks and trailers willing to drive out and save us. So lucky to overheat next to the exit. 

Gas Station Toys
Loaders an big trucks and me talking on cell phone
Playing with McQueen and Mater in a busted truck



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