Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tolerable Tuesday to Wonderful Wednesday

Tuesday is gymnastics day.  Kate usually does pretty good waiting for Wyatt but she was a crying puddle of misery so it was a very long hour.  I tried to combine that with calling AT&T and I could not make it through their automated system and I wanted to punch someone.  Also the gossipy lady wanted to chat me up for some reason and I didn't want to feed her gossip ring.  We survived and made it home where I gave her a peanut butter jelly at 10:00 in the morning and her problems were solved.  Sometimes goldfish just cannot fix hungry.   I opted to unwrap Halloween mini candy and eat them back to back until the crying stopped...I think I made it to 6. 

The peanut butter jelly sandwich and kids were moved to the truck so we could go meet some friends at the pumpkin patch.  Peanut butter and jelly were distributed all over the car seat, body of Kate, and her clothes but we always have spare clothes and I had time to clean her body and car seat at the loooooooooongest train everrrrr.  It actually stopped. And a guy got out and played with the train box thingy. Then it started and had to built up speed to haul all 3454 train cars.  I think I used 15 wipes.  Emptied the bag.  Please don't poop at the pumpkin patch.  (She pooped). I forgot I had a work phone call somewhere in all this (oops).  Nobody fired me yet. 

From that point, we went home for lunch and naps and having friends visit. The day took an upturn and all kids were asleep by 8:00 PM happily ever after.

So Wednesday is going to be wonderful!  My kids are at school! I am going to login to work just as soon as I take some recycle to the curb, start a load of laundry, turn on the dishwasher, eat 2nd breakfast, and write this post.  Yup. Wonderful Wednesday. Here I come!


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