Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Fun

I managed to make it to 3 boot camp sessions and 2 runs this week....can I get a pat on the back?  I also managed to eat 3 cookies, a fried chicken sandwich, a glass of wine, and a tiny bowl of ice cream yesterday.  Another pat on the back please? Thank you.  I am sorta proud of myself that 4:30 AM feels almost normal to wake up at now.  Not that I don't sleep in until 6:30 whenever I get the opportunity, but this is progress.  And only possible because I am asleep by 10:30 every night.  I wonder how late I could / would sleep if nobody woke me up?  Maybe 7:30 AM?  I can't imagine.

Live action stroller running shot by Wyatt

Continuing the story of the dead talk, last night Wyatt made me list who would take care of him if I "got dead" and if daddy "got dead".  And then every person I listed after that, he said, what if lightening got them too.  Such morbid thoughts!  He is calmly wondering these thoughts.  I don't think he is scared.  He just wants to understand that someone would always be around to take care of him.  Don't worry...if you are reading this, you probably made the list.   Stay away from lightening this weekend just in case. 

This friend already got dead

Next time short ribs are on sale at your local store, buy them, and sear them and braise them in a combo of red wine and beef broth and thank yourself.  I loosely followed this receipe.   There is just something amazing about beef and wine and cooking things on the bones.

Hunter's work had some interwebs problems yesterday so he surprised me and got home by 4:30 PM.  The kids put on their usual "bad behavior leading up to and at dinner time" routine so he will be sure to never make that mistake again.  I am not sure why my usually pleasant and well behaved ish children cannot pull through dinner time. Some combo of hungry and tired.  Sure was easier to laugh about Kate dumping her dinner on the floor and smearing it on the table and floor then demanding CHEESE when another adult is around.  We finished up our evening with hair cuts for all of the males in the family.  The adult female in this family would really like to have her hair cut too.  Maybe next month. 

This is the last weekend that Kate will be 1 year old.  Hopefully I don't have to stop calling her Baby Kate once she turns 2.  She is already well versed in expressing her feelings while throwing herself on the ground. I think she will do great as a two-nager.  "Kate do it" "Only Kate do it" "Wyatt"  her most repeated phrases daily. 


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