Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blog Dump

Welllll after all my big talk about not worrying about the month of August where Wyatt has no school, it is only Tuesday and there is no school for this one week and I might not survive. Whewww.  I mean, don't get me wrong. He is mostly well behaved.  He plays independently. But the time to sit down and do uninterrupted work during Kate's nap NAWT gonna happen.  Kate is recovering from fever, congestion, croupy cough so maybe I have to keep that in mind too.  A few days in a row, she fell asleep while sitting at the table eating lunch.  She fell asleep while playing playdoh at the table.  She fell asleep on a bike ride. Her body is just tired but she can't get good rest because congestion and coughing nonsense.
Not even apple juice could keep her awake.

Also, I survived 36 hours with only half a phone. I could see that I had a new text or a missed call but that was about it. I had to make up half of the key pad and my camera stopped working and blah blah blah first world problems. Anyways, I went to get a new one and I am so enjoying the iPhone 6 Plus for the 5 seconds I had a chance to mess with it today.  And it feels so wasteful to buy the Apple Care plan, but I did because I drop my phone 1 to 3 times a day.

Speaking of technology, it is so funny to watch Wyatt try to use a real computer. With a mouse and a keyboard.  He gets so frustrated because it is not touch screen. 

I need to invent a glass / cup / tumbler that children abhor. All of my cups that I fill with water in an attempt to keep me hydrated look like exactly what my sick kid wants to drink out of.  She sneaks it somehow someway.  She will drag a stool over to the kitchen counter. She will find it in my secret hiding spot.  Luckily I am only sipping straight ice water all day so this is not too big of a deal. Something without a straw is less tempting but is more spilly all over my living room.

I am on a mission to eat all of the food in my freezer before buying more.  I am so stocked that I cannot even find what is in my freezer.  I am really good about freezing leftovers and making doubles of recipes and throwing them in the freezer but I am horrible at remembering to use them...until now hopefully.  My newest freezer item to stockpile is handfuls of spinach in individual portions.  You know those big tubs of baby spinach that you don't ever quite finish before they get mushy stinky...throw handfuls into the freezer and green smoothie it.  Yup...still addicted to smoothies.  I bought these lollipop thingies from a Tupperware party, and I am making smoothie pops now.  Next up, I am going to try the adult alcoholic margarita or daquiri pops.   Yeahhhh.
So we are attempting a lake trip for the 4th of July.  Wyatt will probably get sick the day before we are supposed to leave, but maybe not.  Maybe we will actually be able to go and play!  Maybe Kate will even sleep while not in her own bed?  Maybe the lake house neighbors won't play Kid Rock on repeat all night long while blasting the fireworks.   Happy red white and blue to you!


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