Friday, May 15, 2015

Five Fact Friday

1. Update on the grey Tom Wedge shoes.  I wore them for the first time ever last night. Hunter got home on time ish to a totally demolished house, 2 fed and bathed kids, and laundry that he folded the day before not put up.  Then I got to sneak over to a birthday / mom's night out at the sushi place.  If you wear them with jeans, everything is A ok.  If you try with shorts (like pinterest says) you look like you are trying to "go somewhere".   I am not that level of dressy or trendy or something. Side note, I tried not to complain to Hunter about the chocolate pudding that was left all over the table and floor, but I failed.  Then he kindly pointed out that he put up the laundry, put 2 kids to bed, did all of the dishes, and did something important with his new 4 wheeler tire.  Not sure why I thought the pudding was important. It is still on the floor.  I only mop on weekends...or if glass breaks.

2. Moving along with the fashion blogging (ha). I did break down and try the Everlane V neck tees ($15).  I wanted to see if they were any better than the Target V neck tees.  I think they are going to be better.  The cotton is better quality.  They don't seem to lose their shape after a full day of 2 kids dragging on your shirt.  They fit nicer.  I need to wash them a few more times to see how they hold up.

3. For Mother's Day, Hunter allowed me an all expenses paid trip to Target by myself.  I spent an hour and a half there.  I wanted another set of sheets for our bed.  I only buy white sheets these days, but one of our sets got a hole in the sheet that your foot could get stuck in.  I debated between the $49 325 organic thread counts and the $99 600 thread counts.  I went with the 325 thread count sheets since these were just going to be the backups.  WRONG. They are like laying on organic cardboard.  Every time somebody moves , the sound resembles crinkling a potato chip bag.  Do these things get softer? Did I just waste $50 bucks? Will I get used to it?  Apparently I always buy nice sheets and I forgot.  600 threads for life.

So what else am I snobby about?  Hmmm...fried eggs.  You can cook them in bacon grease, you can cook them in butter, you can cook them with a drizzle of oil but FOR THE LOVE...turn down the heat and do not make them brown burnt bubbly crispy disgusting eggs.  You should only see white and yellow when brown.

Also, tea steeping.  Do not ever never ever never leave your tea bag in the mug for the duration of your drinking.  White tea steeps 1 minute.  Green tea steps 2 to 3 minutes. Black tea steeps 3 to 5 minutes.  You go ahead and enjoy your cup o bitter while I sip my delicate tea leaves steeped at the appropriate temperature for the correct duration.

4.  Finally tried the children's museum....Wyatt's favorite thing was stuffing a ball in this machine and watching it go up the vacuum, down some ramps, flip some gears, throw it over here, and come back...this thing has a name that I can't think of right now. Kate's favorite thing was chunking a ball down a hole to learn about centrifugal motion or something like that.

5. This weekend needs to be a weekend of getting stuff done.  Like working and errands and fixing. Maybe some cleaning. Some to do list smackdown.  Wish us luck. Hope your weekend is relaxing. Or productive. Whatever you need.



At May 15, 2015 at 10:12 PM , Blogger TakeMeThereTotes said...

Oh boy! I love the brown crispy edges on a fried egg and I do leave the tea bag in the cup for the duration....can you forgive me for frying your egg like that? You ate it anyway, I think....


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