Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Fact Friday

What a random week.  I have a cold (I think). Pretty sure it isn't allergies because I was cold all day and I am not one of those cold all day people.  Wyatt forgot how to behave this week. Kate forgot how to nap. Hunter had to work til forever every night. But somehow I had a pretty positive attitude?? I was all "It's ok that I cooked dinner that I ate and then cooked another kids dinner because they didn't eat what I cooked and then Hunter got home too late to help with dinner bath dishes. I can do this". I wish pizza was healthy because I think that is what I am "cooking" tonight. So onto my five facts.

1.  Wyatt does actually like salad. Spinach or dressing..just picks it up and chomps on it.  This week he told me "I love tastes like hot dog".  Ok bud...whatever you have to say to like spinach.

2. During bath time this week I was scrubbing the bottom of his foot and I found a little splinter barely embedded.  When I pulled it out he said "did you get a bone?". Ha!

3. I am a big fan of all of the Jamie Eason workout plans and she came out with a 12 Week Post Pregnancy Trainer.  Where was this when I needed it!?  So very hard to find stuff like this with details and it's free! Side note...she is still nursing at 18 months so she would understand about supply issues and other fun stuff. 

4. Hunter is not OCD but he always wants to rearrange the dishwasher when he sees it.  I guess this is his thing.  I wish I was OCD sometimes. I think my house would be a lot cleaner.  The only things I am super into keeping straight are files and photos on my computer and ummm I can't think of a single other thing! Wow.

5. This week I had a few recipe wins.  Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs,  a Pad Thai that was worth my time but not better than take out (they never are), and some cute little turkey burger sliders that I thought the kids might eat and they didn't. The turkey burgers were from the America's Test Kitchen cook book and they used Ricotta cheese as a binding agent and only flavored with dijon and Worcestershire.  I really liked them this way.
So I ate 3 of these and then 1 more meat patty. Ha!



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