Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Fact Friday - New Years Stuff

1. I wouldn't say that I have any new years resolutions exactly but somehow over school break and all of the holidays I got even lazier. I was throwing goldfish at the kids every day and saying here "enjoy your snack" so I can get stuff done (cook dinner, wrap presents, clean).  I am planning to feed them less goldfish. I keep trying to hide the goldfish in the pantry and find better alternatives.  Yes, fruit is healthy, but it doesn't really help with hunger unless I smother it in peanut or almond butter so I prefer fruit with meals. And I don't have the will power to do major cleanup after meals AND snacks (full kid and table wipe downs) so I haven't really come up with any brilliant ideas yet.  Still....down with goldfish.

2. I did buy these reusable pouches that I plan to put my own yogurt and applesauce in.  Kate drinks tons of yogurts and applesauces and it is so much cleaner than giving her a bowl and a spoon so I just can't resist.  I can also give her greek yogurt mixed with honey or my own fruit blends instead of flavors like strawberry milkshake and banana explosion....blech.  They clean easy...but takes them forever to dry.  Hopefully they are worth it.

3. So this isn't really a resolution, but my boot camp class discontinued the 7:00 PM class. Waaaahhh.  Hunter would never get home on time for me to go to the 6:15 PM class so I am going to start the 5 AM class.  It is going to be painful and the class is going to be more cardio based and less lifting based so I am a little sad about that.  Aaannnd they don't play music in the 5 AM class. You have to listen to all of the peppy 5 AM people chatting it up and breathing hard.  Yes, I am a morning person but I always struggle with morning workouts.  Who can tell me how to make it better? Do I need to eat before? Drink something snazzy?  I am not waking up earlier than 4:30 just to eat something.

4. I dropped my phone in the toilet (and it still works) but I am letting it dry and detoxify before I power it on again so I have no mundane day in the life photos to share with you.  Instead, I will share a Wyatt at 14 months photo so I can see how much he looks like Kate.
5. My sister bought me a book for Christmas, and I got into reading again. Reading..oh how I missed you. Anyone have book recommendations? I just started The Lightening Thief. Greek mythology meet Harry Potter.



At February 7, 2015 at 10:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure you hear it all the time, but they're twins!


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