Friday, November 7, 2014

Five Fact Friday

Hiiiiiiiya!  We almost survived another week...hurrah!

1. I don't need to complain about time change because we have all read enough rants and felt enough pain, but let's all move to Arizona so we don't have to deal with this!  Funny parody here.

2.  One morning this week Wyatt was desperately searching for a tractor.  The yellow and green one with the trailer.  He was going nuts looking for this one and describing it.  One I knew we didn't have. I didn't recognize it. He kept saying it was right here yesterday.  Right here.  Racked my brain. Dug through all the tractors.  Realized it was a dream. I asked him if he dreamed it in his sleep.  Yup.  Ok, it is not a real tractor.  Ohhh.  And then he moved on.  Yay logic. Yay when you understand something going on in your kid's head.

3. I really enjoyed this post on 10 Ways to Make Your Kids Laugh.  This might be my favorite blogger right now. You should follow her.

4. More egg poaching tips.  I now have 3 methods that "I approve".  A tornado version here an egg prick method here and my new fave "drain the excess egg white" here.

5. Weaning started going quicker than expected. Yesterday might have been the last day. So far we are all surviving. My right side almost didn't yesterday. Ha ha. I also was acting like a crazy woman this week and food was not right. I was taking bites of food and then chucking it because it tasted not me.  Then I remembered the crazy person that I became when weaning Wyatt.  Good luck Hunter. Bear with me for the next week or so.

Be cool, it's Friday!



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