Friday, October 10, 2014

Five Fact Friday

This is my five fact Friday...chillun raisin edition.

1. I was just conversing with a friend (friend, you know who you are) about things people do for their chilluns that they shouldn't and I came up with this statement that I think is soo true. Are you ready for my great words of wisdom?  Never do something even one time for your kid that you don't want to do for the rest of your life.  These tiny creatures are creatures of habit and they will make you repeat repeat repeat it. And if you didn't want to do it the first time, you surely don't want to do it the 17th time and you will have to rip that bandaid off and it will be painful.  So just don't do it...ummmk?  And of course I have done some of these very things myself...that is how I know how painful it is.

2. Yesterday I should have given up on my quick trip to the grocery store but I pushed through and regretted almost every minute of it.  Setting the scene...Kate woke up as a boogie monster and had a low fever.  Wyatt was a tad on the grumpy side. Our living room exploded by 8:17 AM. I decided at 10:47 AM a trip to the grocery store was what we needed.  A quick one of course. I loaded the kids, and we headed that way.  Wyatt declared he had to poop about 4 minutes into our drive so we turned the car around and headed to the bano de casa. He finished his business by 11:17 AM.  I realized at this point that we should have given up on the trip, but I left my stuff in the truck and if we were going to go get the stuff out of the truck we should just go. A quick trip...remember. Wyatt picked a piece of grass on the way to play with in the car. After we pulled out, his piece of grass broke and that set him off into hysterical crying because if we can turn around to poop we can turn around to pick a new piece of grass. Well, no...I wasn't going to turn around and pick him a new piece of grass.  We made it to the store and he had no more energy to scream so he did the pathetic I want mommy sniffles. I had to carry my 3 year old through the whole trip while pushing Kate in the basket.  See #1 Janet, but I just pushed through.  This is how I came home with things like a 3 lb bucket of crab boil seasoning (because it was the first one that I saw) and the kind of bread I didn't really want (because I didn't have to bend over as far to get it). Survived, we did.  Barely, we made it.

3. I went to watch my nephew's soccer game last weekend. He is 3 and a brave soul who scored I think 9 goals in his first game (maybe a few for the wrong team but still). In the game I watched, the parents on the other team played too. This is not a joke.  The parents were out on the soccer field...holding their kid's hand while they played soccer.  There were probably 5 adults on the field including the official coaches and the official referee.  My SIL said one parent even pushed my nephew out of the way. Seriously?!? Are we that kind of hovering parents now? My kid can't play soccer by himself so I scored a goal for him.

4. My sister is teaching first grade this year for the first time. She has taught second and third in the past.  She says that all of the other teachers and principals and APs just want to quit because they can't handle the parents. Parents refusing to be accountable for their kid's behaviors. Parents believing their kid's far fetched stories over the words of multiple adult teachers at the school. They keep trying to teach the parents that their kids need more independence. More independence.  Quit doing everything for them.  Maybe some of these parents play in my nephew's soccer league? Ha ha.  This is all easy for me to say because I don't send my kids off to a school all day where I have to trust other adults to treat them appropriately.  Interesting thoughts sister usually taught in a low income school where almost all of them had free or reduced lunch and there was zero parent involvement.  These kids knew how to follow instructions and do things for themselves. Oh man...I am not ready to be a parent of bigger kids and do the right things. 

5. A few more poop items because...I just have to.  Wyatt had to go in the middle of nowhere at 8:30 at night last weekend.  Like really in the middle of nowhere and I had both kids. I made him hang his bootie out of the truck while I held his arms because I didn't want him running around in the grass at night and Kate was asleep and on and on. Well I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to go in this position but Wyatt pushed through...ha ha. Success. Luckily only 2 cars drove by. I don't think I will be able to do this with Kate. Hmmmm. Also, he noticed the handicap paintings in some of the parking spots this week.  He said...."heyy mommy...he is sitting on a potty".  Ha ha..umm it's really a chair, but it kinda looks like a potty.

And of course a few pics to share of the dailies...
I tried to do a pull up at the playground...this is as far as I can get.  Ha! It is farther than it was. I still have about half of my pull up training plan left. 
Kate can already climb up most of the playground.  I need to look at my pics and see if Wyatt was already doing this before 1.
Wyatt has to sit with his plate almost touching my plate now. I need some space kid.  Perhaps I should read #1 above?



At October 16, 2014 at 11:02 PM , Blogger LauraLowe said...

I'm looking into having your quote stitched onto a pillow

At October 16, 2014 at 11:03 PM , Blogger LauraLowe said...

Although I'm now seriously considering a follow up pillow with "my kid can't play soccer so I scored for him" on it


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