Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Fact Friday - Wyatt Edition

Today my first born turns 3, so I dedicate my 5 facts to him.

1. He has started to look more like a boy and less like a baby / toddler / preschooler.  The hair. The face.  He still has his pot belly though.  He he!  Every once in a while I will see glimpses of his baby face and it catches me off guard.  Here is my latest capture. When he was sick last week I was able to sneak in his room and get some pics while he was napping.

2. His current loves are...graham crackers, puzzles, coloring, painting, tractors (dur), watching Mighty Machines, trains, legos, filling up his own water cup, using his stool to do everything and get everywhere, his teddy, baby Kate, climbing up the hard parts on the playground, iPad (he can unlock it, navigate between apps, and start up a nice tractor video on YouTube), looking for the moon, playing with his friend Isabel, strawberries, and ice cream.

3. He really does love his baby sister.  I have been waking him up from nap most days around 4:45.  I send Kate in his room to crawl up on his toddler bed and he usually wakes up because he hears her giggling and squealing before she can even make it to his bed.  She stands up and tries so hard to climb in but she just can't do it yet.  He usually pats her and gives her a really big smile and is ready to get up and play with her.  I wonder if he remembers life before her. She is starting to get into his stuff.  Some days he lets her play with it and some days he snatches it away and says NO BABY KATE! He is great about cheering her on when she learns something new. He is great about telling me when she is putting something into his mouth that she shouldn't be. He wants to feed her. He wants to change her diaper (ha!). He also wants me to stop holding her and start holding him.  I feel sad for that part of it.  He kisses her alot. He is happy when she wakes up from naps or in the morning. In general, life with two is so much smoother than I thought it would be.  I even have the grocery shopping mostly figured out. She goes in the front part.  He goes in the big part. Breakable and squishable foods go underneath.  The rest goes in with Wyatt.  Yah...sometimes I am carrying one of the kids while pushing the basket and sometimes people even tell me that I need to be careful so he doesn't fall out but that is how we roll.
4. This is meant in a very non braggy way because I have not had anything to do with this directly, but he is constantly impressing people with his intelligence or hitting milestones early.  Every teacher tells me "he is soooo smart".  He talked early. He walked early. He pottied early. I guess this means he is a go getter.  A potty training book marked him as goal oriented.  I can see it. I think most of his go getterness has made my life easier.  Him being on top of things definitely makes me feel less guilty for forcing independent play/working at home. Whew! Downside...he is easily frustrated when he can't figure things out or do something by himself, but I think that is a normal part of figuring things out as a tot.
Frustrated because he couldn't unbuckle his seatbelt by himself. He could only push the straps down.
5.  Pics, pics, pics...I never want to forget these moments but I already am. The memories get fuzzy quick. Our memories are very spread out too.  Some in San Antonio. Some in Arizona. Many in Florida.  And now back in Texas for more than a year.
San Antonio
Apache Trail in Arizona

Snow baby in Flagstaff
Beach baby in Florida

Our condo that we walked around at least 7 times a day in Florida

1 Year Ago - Just back in Texas for a tractor birthday

Some of his last days as an only child
I could bribe him to do anything if he got to hold Kate
My handsome guy

I hope 3 is wonderful.  The end of 2 has been a little tough.  We have 5 presents for him to open on his birthday and each one has something to do with a tractor. I am starting to believe you can never have too many.  We have cupcakes at school and an ice cream date after school and a birthday party this weekend. We asked him what he wanted for his birthday. And he said a tractor. And some chicken. Funny guy. So chicken nuggets at the party is the best we could come up with.  Hunter's birthday is right after his.  Wyatt said he needs a red tractor.  I hope he isn't disappointed when Hunter doesn't get a red tractor for his birthday. 


At September 15, 2014 at 4:43 PM , Anonymous Samantha said...

This was a very sweet post :)

At February 7, 2015 at 10:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sweet! Can't believe how fast they're growing up! He'll be 3.5 next month!


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