Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hairdresser Convos

For the first time in EVER, I have a regular person to cut my hair. I really like the place, and I really like Jessica.  The place attempts to be trendy so I always feel pretty lame there anyways because I just dumped the kids on Hunter, made sure there were no visible food stains on the clothes, and then I run out the door.  So this was our conversation. Do you have any big plans this weekend? Nope, getting a hair cut was my big plan.  Not going to go anywhere since your hair is done?  Hmm..maybe Wal Greens before I head home for the day.  What is new with you since the last time I cut your hair?  Ummm uhhh hmmmm eeeeeehhh absolutely nothing? We had already covered the kids are growing topic. Do you have any big vacations for the summer?  Ummm. Sea World twice? Wow. Ok.  End convo. Whew. Return to my normal boring living room and proceed to live boring (but enjoyable) life.

I am currently living the minimalist kitchen. I put all appliances including toaster oven in the cabinets. I literally have almost nothing on the counter (cutting board, knives, kitchen aid mixer, spoon rest, hand soap).  This is really making me keep the kitchen cleaner.  When it looks like this, I don't put junk piles down. I have tons of room for food prep and dishes. I put up the dishes that are out drying ASAP.  This is kinda fun.  This did not make my kitchen look any prettier.  Yucky oak cabinets, yellow walls, and off white laminate countertops are still there. Maybe even more prominent since there is nothing to hide it. Maybe in a few weeks I will have all of the appliances back out on the counter and will be focusing on a different part of my life.

Like perhaps fitness?  My gym membership ends in August. And Kate still doesn't like it.  Wah. And it is still too hot to run outside with kids. And Hunter can't get home on time for me to sign up for this boot camp class I would love to go to a few times a week. Could I have any more excuses?  Well I came across this I am thinking at least I can do this.  For a week or two?
This super not intense work out has no chance of giving you a beach body like the model here.


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