Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shower Skipping Options

Are my readers wondering how the gym membership thing is working out for me?  I thought so! ;) Kate cries every time from the moment I walk out of the door until the moment I walk back in the door. Except for this one magical time when Ms. Brenda was working there, and another girl named Kate played baby dollies with her.  I still really like the child care staff and the place, I just have a serious mamas girl.  So we set the clock for 15 minutes...I run to the weight room as fast as I can...and the child care staff pulls out all of the tricks that don't work.  My usual workout goes like this.  Bust it for 5 minutes on the treadmill. I alternate between maxing out the incline or maxing out my speed. Then I run over to the weight area and I pick about 3 exercises (back and biceps, chest and triceps, or shoulders).  Then I watch the clock and wait for the child care staff to come get me...and they do.  And then we go check out.  Worth the drive yet? Absolutely not.  I just keep hoping they will become a familiar face for her so I can work out longer.  And if this never happens, we have been enjoying the pools as a family so I am not a total waster of a gym membership.

So I am able to work up a sorta decent sweat and I am not even able to wipe off the sweat before I pick Kate up.  I have been rotating through some shower skipping options.  I buckle the 2 kids in, crank the ac, and stand outside my car and wipe, spray, de stinkify. 

My arsenal

YouSmell Wipes in Lemon Verbena - I got this in one of my PopSugar Must Have boxes. I really like the smell.  The wipe is nice and wet and big enough to do the job.

Secret Re-Fresh - My local grocery store had these on sale for $1.49 instead of $3.49 so I bought every single smell there was.  These are alcohol based so are drying (which is nice to soak up those leftover sweat particles) but I feel like they don't do as good of a job as the wipes.  Sometimes I use the wipes and then spray with one of these.  My scent ranking in order of best to worst is Citrus Breeze (LOVE this one), Romantic Rose, Pasion de Tango, and Fearlessly Fresh (not a fan at all).

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths - These are wipes that have more of a makeup remover wipe texture but have a powder finish that helps you to feel clean and dry.  I think this one is my favorite shower skipping alternative.  I have tried invigorate and restore and I like both scents.  The only problem I have is one wipe doesn't do the job.  I need two. 

So there they are.  This + dry shampoo + makeup remover wipes means I never shower again.  Just kidding.  That is my 10 minutes of peace and quiet at night so I will never give that up.  Anybody else have any shower skipping faves? 

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