Friday, May 2, 2014

Wyatt Isms

2 year olds are so funny.  I just survived a Wyatt pre nap routine.  Today he performed for nap time.  He read me Big Dog Little Dog and a book about colors.  Good stuff.  Then he wanted to sing the songs too instead of me.  He sped sang "I love you" going straight into "twinkle twinkle" without taking a breath between (just like me).  Then he looked over at me and said I am only going to sing you "this many songs"  before closing out with "Yes Jesus loves me".  Is this the beginning of the end of the bed time routine?  When he was sick last week he told me no books no songs just climbed in his bed, hugged teddy, covered up and was out.

I have been stockpiling lists of funny things he tells us to laugh about later.

I put on jewelry, makeup, did my hair and wore real clothes for our anniversary dinner this week.   I wish I would have taken a picture.  Ha ha.  I put on a dress and Wyatt said "whats that?".  I told him it was a dress.  He said "like Isabel wears"?  Yes...just like Isabel.  Isabel is his 3 year old best friend girl that mostly wears Princess dresses.  I chickened out and went back to pants by the way.

One evening I was super grumpy because dinner wasn't made and I was hungry and I had two grumpy kids and Kate just needed to go to bed.  I told Wyatt daddy was stuck at work.  Wyatt said "need a dozer to get him out?".  I laughed out loud as the saying goes, told him maybe that would work and we enjoyed the rest of our evening after that...without daddy.  So now any time I say daddy is stuck at work we make jokes about which construction equipment will get him home.  Maybe an excavator will get him out?

Wyatt is fascinated with the breast pump.  I am sorry, but he is.  I am not sure if it is the sound or the device but either way its a big show.  Hunter was in the garage working on something that made a similar sound.  He asked "you pumping daddy?".

Our garage and house always smell like gasoline because Hunter is working on something or nothing and spills gas and the house vents weird.  They have had to spray the drive way off to wash the gas off.  Well one night we told Wyatt he couldn't water the plants because God was watering the plants and the grass. He asked if God was washing the gasoline off the driveway too.  Yes.  Yes he is.

I use Siri to send a lot of texts while driving.  So much so that Wyatt dictates his own texts.  "Send Hunter a text"  "Change text"  "Change text"  "Send"  "Send"  "Send Hunter a text."  He likes when I talk to my phone and plays along. Siri picks up what I am saying along with what he is saying and it gets confusing.  Then Siri wants to send a text that says "send hunter a text". 

I am pretty sure Wyatt's imaginary friend is named Pom and he lives across the road behind our house.  He told me that I can't see him.  Eeek.



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