Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lose An Hour of Sleep Day

How did you celebrate national lose an hour of sleep day? We took a family trip to Wal Mart and I got to go on a run by myself. <<The Wal Mart had a new flavor of Blue Bell Sea Salted Caramel.  Go get this one!>> I tucked Wyatt into bed 30 minutes earlier than usual and he fell for it.  Ha ha.  Luckily, next week is spring break so I have all week to get him adjusted to the time.  Kate and I are just going to bumble along in our normal sorta schedule/routine I guess.

This is how Wyatt wakes us up now.  In a very ghostlike voice he says "oopeeeeen da doooor"  "oopeeeen da dooor".  "OPEN THE DOOR MOM!"  If I happen to be sitting in the living room half asleep trying to feed a baby it kinda scares me.  Maybe that is also because I started watching Walking Dead.  I can't help it.  I love survival type books / movies / tv shows.   The zombie stuff is just a side show.

Wyatt is a total daddy's boy until something doesn't go his way and then he is all "I want mommy".   In the evenings, I am sometimes told to go back in the living room so he and dad can play without me.   I'm so crushed.  Dad is also the lucky winner for "read books"  aka put to bed.  I usually celebrate by folding clothes or logging into work. 

So Wyatt's popularity rankings are 1. iPad 2. Daddy 3. Mommy. 4. Kate. One Friday Hunter got home early from work, so he went to get Wyatt out of his bed when he woke up.  The first thing he sad was "hey dad where is your ipad?"  I guess we will never be able to compete with something that can let him play Caillou games, color Thomas the Train, and play Mighty Machines episodes. 

Somebody has been teaching him way too much stuff about babies.  Maybe there is a toddler app for that and he downloaded it?  He had some interest in understanding Baby Kate and belly bobos.  He wanted to know where the hole was that Baby Kate came out of.  Of course,  I showed him my belly button.  Of course, I couldn't stop laughing so he will repeat the question frequently. 

Somebody remind me when the post pregnancy hair fall out stops?  I forget how long I must endure.  Time to brush out my lose hairs, feed a baby, and tuck myself in.  Nighty night. 


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