Monday, March 3, 2014

Kate - 4 Months

Kate weighs 12 lbs and 10 oz now.  She is 23&1/2" long.  She is 50th percentile for all her stats.

She smiles. She laughs. She coos. She rolls tummy to back. She falls asleep on her own (faster than rocking her with a terrific two year old running around). She is always happy right when she wakes up.

She is never happy when she gets tired. She almost jumps into her bed and closes her eyes. She will drift happily off to sleep in a stroller. She doesn't like the first 3 minutes in her car seat. She is still not a fan of noisy places. She still wakes me up in the 3 to 5 am range at night.

She loves to smile at people now...especially big brother.  She can grab some toys and move them to her mouth. She likes to watch the chaos of big kids playing. She is so sweet. She is growing too fast. She is 4 months old (and a few days)!

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At March 12, 2014 at 11:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is too cute! She's about the age when the boys met. So crazy! I love how folded up she is and chewing on her hands. Nom nom nom. Give her a kiss for us!


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