Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Junkity Mail

I have lived in 4 places in the last 2ish years, and that is a lot of address change forms and mail going to wrong places and junk mail and all kindsa fun.  I feel sorry for the people who have to get and deliver my old mail. 

Since I can't login to work today due to some technical problems, I did research to try and get this stuff to stop.

I followed the instructions on this page right here.  I permanently opted out of prescreened offers of credit and insurance.  I also got on the Direct Marketing Association's Do Not Mail list.  All free (aside from a stamp) and took me less than 5 minutes.  Do the needful and fill yours out too.  I am assuming this actually helps.  Big ASSumption. 

I submitted stop requests for catalogs using Catalog Choice a few months ago, and I haven't seen a big improvement yet.  This site gets mixed reviews.

Here is hoping for less magazines, catalogs, credit card offers, and other junkity junk junk.  Anyone else have success stories or other ways to stop the madness?

I am about to start going to each individual retailer and finding a way to get off of their catalog mailing list.  Just kidding..aint nobody got time for that. 



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