Sunday, December 22, 2013

What Can Santa Bring?

All Wyatt wants for Christmas is his own pair of scissors...preferably blue.  He seriously asks for these every day.  This comes from me saying "these are mommy's scissors" a few hundred too many times.  Grandma Santa has taken care of this. Whew! Wyatt is really getting into the season.  He talks about his Christmas tree party and going to see Christmas tree lights. And making Christmas tree ornaments. And singing Christmas tree songs.  Ha ha. The tree is a very important part you see? The first thing we do when we wake up and go into the living room...turn on the Christmas tree lights. Not sure what will happen once we take down the tree.

All Kate wants for Christmas is to be able to breathe through her nose.  Baby Kate now has a cold. Everybody knows how heart breaking it is to see your little baby not be able to breathe through her nose.  She gets so frustrated and just kinda pitiful wails. As of last night she can't sleep laying down.  Her options are somebody's arms or the swing on incline.  The swing is working pretty good today. Cross yer fingers. Santa, this one can be delivered before Christmas.

All Hunter wants for Christmas is a pleasant wife and maybe a chance to relax in the evening? Perhaps a dessert or two a week?

I want pants that fit, a clean house, and a bit more continuous sleep.

Trust us, we have all been good this year!


At December 30, 2013 at 11:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol. Hope everyone got what they wanted!


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