Friday, November 8, 2013

To Cook (When I Have Time)

This week has been purty durn good although each day is getting a little worse. Monday both kids were angels.  By Thursday, Kate was not napping as well and Wyatt peed on the couch, poked Kate in her crib and woke her up, tracked mud from outside all over floors inside, and drove me a little crazy in general.  I think he is starting to notice something is different.

Kate is getting her routine down.  We are working on the eat, play, sleep routine since it was muy successful for Wyatt and she is already picking it up.  For me, this really helps me to know if she is crying because she is hungry or crying because she is tired.  She is eating and going right back to sleep at night...whew.  This makes a few wake ups very tolerable.

Meals this week have been ok.  I pull some part of the meal out of the freezer (leftover ribs, pasta, etc) and fix up a side.  Our freezer is seriously stocked right now so this should last a while.

This weekend I am hoping to cook up some goodies...

Butternut Squash Risotto - I have never made Risotto before would ya believe it?
Publix Copycat Turkey Cranberry Holiday Sub - Thanks Jacque for reminding me of what I am missing

Black Olive Sandwich Rolls - Semolina flour was hard to find

Maybe some whole chickens for easy leftovers?  Maybe I will just nap instead?



At November 8, 2013 at 12:47 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

The eat, play, sleep routine worked great for us too!! Sounds like you've got everything under control :) So happy for you!!


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