Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Target Shopping Discounts Update

I still love my Target (the Red Store).  Even though this town doesn't have a Super Target, they have a pretty decent sized grocery area so I can buy eggs, grapes, and toddler shoes all in one trip without fighting the lines at the Blue Store (Wal Mart).  Maybe I will teach Wyatt real store names next year.

A quick update for how I save money at Target.  Yah..it requires work, but I kinda love doing this stuff right now since I have the time.

Target Tip #1:
Open a Target Red Card (debit or credit) and receive 5% off of everything every time.  You also get free shipping on their website and 30 days extra for returns.  My fave thing..anything you order online can be returned in store.  I wish all stores did that. 

Target Tip #2:
Check out the Target coupons before you go.  You can find them on their website here and you can sign up for an email or text with a preview of the coupons here. This one is kinda a pain because you have to actually physically print the coupons...you can't show them off on your phone.  At least the website is easy...filter/sort, click, click, click, and then print all of the coupons you are interested in with one more click.  You can combine these with manufacturer coupons.

Target Tip #3:
Sign up for Cartwheel.  The biggest downer of this one is you have to have a facebook account so they can track your every move and all that fun stuff.  Just make sure your settings are set to publish Cartwheel information to you only and not your friends.  The best way to take advantage of this is to download the app on your phone so you can manipulate your cartwheel as you put stuff in your basket. 
You can put around 15 items in your cartwheel and then the app generates one coupon bar code that you can show at the register to receive your discount.  You get at least 5% off of everything in your cartwheel but sometimes can find 20% or 30% off.  These can get combined with your Target coupons, your manufacturer coupons, and your Target Red Card discount.   I search cartwheel every time I put something in my cart to see if there is a cartwheel discount for it and quite often there is.  I love the Cartwheel collections you can sort through to find the discounts (Top 20 Grocery, Weekly Ad,  Fall Essentials, etc). If you don't have a smartphone, you have to build your cartwheel at home and print off your coupon code in advance. That means you can't change your cartwheel for a crazy cool impulse buy.

I have already saved $11ish dollars on two trips using cartwheel and I only purchased items that were on my list for those two trips. Sometimes miracles do occur at Target.  Like I said...there is a bit of work here but you can get some pretty good savings if you are going to be doing damage at Target anyways.    Target has the best splurgey fun items...pumpkin spice marshmallows,  $0.50 fingerless gloves, and that dinosaur footie jammie that your 2 year old needs.

This is my favorite Target funny...

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