Monday, September 9, 2013

Recaps I Owe You

Our Trip to Florida:

Wyatt rocked it.  On the flight there, he took a one hour nap in a strange place on top of his mama's lumpy belly.  When he woke up, we had airplane snacks, made a trip to the potty, walked the isles a few times and then it was time to land.  Our best flight yet.  Jacque and Collin met us in the airport at the baggage claim, and we rolled out to start our trip.  We had a perfect trip.  We didn't try to cram in too much stuff like usual vacations. We hit up all our old spots.  Jacque's hubby cooked us tons of great food. There were toys galore that I didn't have to pack. :)  We really enjoyed hanging out with our buddies.  Collin and Wyatt were quite a pair!  Jacque recapped on her blog so flip over there to see pics since I am lazy. 

Our First Day of School:

No tears at drop off for either of us.  We are stone cold.   We walked into our room and met Ms. Lupe.  He hugged my legs for a few minutes and cautiously observed. I showed him where the super cute one foot off the ground potties are.  He walked over to the play kitchen and started checking it out.  I told him that Mommy is going bye bye.  I had this strange "school's out for summer" feeling as I walked out to the parking lot with almost 3 hours of free time. How did I use my 3 hours?  A trip to hobby lobby to buy paper for a Cricut project and then I logged onto work for a few hours.  When I showed up to pick him up, he was doing laps around the room playing toys.  They said he asked for me the whole time but never cried.  He had zero potty accidents. When I picked him up and gave him a hug, he said "go home" as in let's go home mom....I had enough today.

Our Second Day of School:

He was excited to go see Ms. Lupe and his friends (a good sign).  He hugged my legs for about a minute, then started to play toys.  The screams and cries of other kiddos didn't really phase him.  At pick up, he was having a great time.  I could tell he really liked his 2nd day of school.  There were Elmo cupcakes served that day for one kiddo's bday and they survived a trip to the activity classroom (toddler gym class).  I love trying to figure out what they did that day from the few words you can get out of them when you ask what they did.  I got "Boat", "Dirty Boat" and "birthday".  This leads me to think that their activity was cleaning a boat or Wyatt was playing with a boat he shouldn't have been or they read a book about a boat.   Who knows!  And obviously, they sang happy birthday and had cupcakes.  Oh, and my free time was used for laundry and work on the second day.  I am such a party animal.  I have visions of doing things like getting a pedicure or making cookies or preparing dinner, but I settle for working and sitting on the couch.

My next 2 weeks of free time will be reserved for making treats and decorations for an upcoming bachelorette party and bridal shower I am helping to host. I have to do trial runs of everything to make sure I can handle this level of crafty since I am not the family expert in cricut decor or cupcake decorating.  I am sure Hunter will have to be forced to eat my cupcake flops.  And Wyatt has already asked "what's that" about the cookies I did a test run with.  He didn't seemed concerned about eating a cookie in the shape of undies with pink icing.

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At September 13, 2013 at 10:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so great that school is going so well! When does he start teaching the class? ;)


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