Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Different Janet

So many people have been asking me what my pregnancy cravings have been that my body decided to crave something. I woke up last week dreaming of bagels.  Ooooh bagels.  I never liked breakfast carbs unless its a tortilla I wrap some bacon and eggs in.  Ha ha.  Well, there are no bagel shops in the country so I had to settle for something else that morning.  I did buy a 6 pack at the grocery store on the next trip.  Non-pregnant Janet would put cream cheese with green onions, bacon, cheddar, and jalapeno on a bagel if she were to have one.  Pregnant Janet will put cream cheese and honey on her bagel. This might be a recurring purchase. Who am I?

I wake up each morning feeling sore like I had a really intense workout the day before.  The feeling goes away by the time I finish my bagel but it weirds me out.

I ordered 5 crib sheets from Target to help me decide how my nursery nook should look.   5 crib sheets just to help me make a decision.  The plan is to take the ones back to the store that I won't use.  2 have arrived and they are both keepers in my mind.  What if I keep all 5 crib sheets because I am a nut?

My to do lists grew out of control.  I usually have my to do lists organized in an app on my phone.  Since I hit the 3rd trimester, I now have to do lists on my phone, on the fridge dry erase board, on a notepad, and in my head.  Checkity check check.  I also research things like "best way to organize your fridge" and "how to organize toddler bedroom".  Is this some form of nesting?  I could care less about this kinda stuff.

I dream crazy people dreams.  I dreamt about Chelsea Memmel 2 nights ago.  I dreamt about some crazy sheep things that I had to watch last night.  Every once in a while the sheep would turn into horrible creatures and try to come get us.  I would have to pummel them.  I had weak little girly punches in my dreams.  I probably have weak little girly punches in real life too.

The potty training is more ups and downs now.  I have had zero liquid accidents on the carpet at my house BUT 2 nights ago, I put Wyatt in just shorts (no undies) to make it for a little while before bed time.  I heard "potty" and went running, so we went to the potty and made a little poopy.  He kept saying "big mess" and I kept telling him it was just a little mess in our shorts and it is ok to have accidents.  Once we were done in there, he ran into the living room to show me the "big mess" I was oblivious to.  Shore nuff...there was a big mess in the living room.   Shorts....not meant for containing stools.  They should tell you this on the label or something (dumbest decision by Janet this week).  I used a damp cloth, and then some vinegar, and then some anti bac Lysol carpet spray.  Should be good, right?  Visitors, I will never tell you where "they" were. 

I just heard "alll done" and "twactors" and "john deew twactors" on the baby monitor.   Everybody needs a baby monitor just so they can eavesdrop on their kids stories. 

All of my posts from this point forward will probably be random bits of trivia because I am not logical enough to write real posts.  I am going to log in to work really really quick before "twactors" turns into "moooom". Wyatt now refers to me as "mooom" instead of mama or mommy.  He learned it from his big cousins.  I was hoping to be mommy for longer. How sappy of me.


At August 8, 2013 at 10:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol. You crack me up! Your crib sheet situation is my life. I do that all the time. And the to do list thing.

You're inspiring me to finally figure out the audio thing on our monitor. I adore that lil Wyatt.


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