Friday, July 26, 2013

One, Three, Six!

Wyatt has been soaking up the skills. He can now count to six before sliding down the slides...."one, three, six"!  I am pretty sure he will be able to count to 10 by the end of the week.  Maybe if I make him stop watching Thomas the Train and focus?

He doesn't really drink much milk anymore.  He only drinks "mommy's drink" or "mommy's water".  If I fixed him his own mommy's water that would not be near as fun. 

My potty training book says Wyatt is ready and his personality type benefits from intensive training sessions (I hope I am not reading my personality type into him)!  I am giving it a try for 3 days or so to see if he is REALLY ready.  Wyatt made his toughest decision so far in life...Disney Airplane undies.  He really struggled to pick just one...Thomas, no McQueen, no Elmo...fine Airplanes! The book says to keep them nudie or in their undies except during nap or bed time.  You also are not really allowed to leave the house during this transition time and put a diaper on them.  I might bend the rules a bit because I don't wanna go stir.  Anyways, we are playing mostly on the tile floor and outside.  Wyatt is having the best time ever because he gets constant attention from his mom instead of self development time.  Ha ha! Oh, and lots of juice and mommy's drink.  At the end of day 1, he did run to a potty after peeing on the concrete outside.  I call that some progress but am planning to fail this attempt at training to keep my expectations low. 

The best thing ever happened to us.  Wyatt can fall asleep in a car and I can take him inside and he will lay down in his bed and continue his nap.   In our younger days, a 2 second snooze could ruin a whole day of napping.  I celebrated this by meeting some local moms for lunch in a town about 45 mins away and making it home for a work phone call by 1:30 with a sleeping kid.  FREEEDOM!!

We talk about what Wyatt wants to eat now...or what he wants to do.  Anytime I ask him what he wants to eat, he answers "macawoni".  I tell him he can't have macawoni for breakfast.  Sometimes he tells me he wants to eat lunch.  "If I can't have macawoni for breakfast I will ask for I can have macawoni".   When I ask him what he wants to do today, he says go to the bounce house.  I know what his favorite activity is. wonderful!

Fish Friday people...Shrimp n Grits people...that is if cooking aligns with pottying and airplane undies. 

I just heard a verse of "allll thruuu da town" on the baby monitor so my bus has risen.  Time to go sit on the poddy.  Enjoy your Friday!

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At July 26, 2013 at 2:08 PM , Blogger TakeMeThereTotes said...

Loved this newsy update!

At July 31, 2013 at 9:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wyatt continues to amaze! He's so impressive!


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