Monday, July 8, 2013

July Meal Planning Adventure - Please Join!

Would you like to join me for a meal planning adventure this month?  We will be celebrating....

Meatless Monday - A vegetarian meal obviously.

Fat Tuesday - Serve up your unhealthiest mostest deliciousest meal on Tuesday.  This is when you want your chicken fried steak, your enchiladas, your chicken pot pie. 

Slow Cooker Wednesday - Wednesdays are tough.  Simplify your life and turn on that crock pot. 

Taco Thursday - You don't have to do tacos, but taco thursday flowed much better than mexican thursday.   You know I will be celebrating with Mexican food as frequently as possible. 

Fish Friday - I want to make use of the local seafood markets and cook more fish. Or make Hunter go fishing more. Maybe I can get more adventurous with my seafood cooking?  Maybe?  Can I?

Please join!  Share your recipes with me on the blog, through email, or instagram.  I guess you can tell me in person too.  Happy cooking!

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