Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flax Attack

I bought some milled flax seed for a baking recipe I tried this week.  I had a brilliant idea to throw it into our banana berry smoothie this morning.  Tasted delicious.  Wyatt sucked it up. Unfortunately, I did not pack enough diapers and wipes for our outings for the day.  Lesson learned.  No flax seed for toddler babies. 

I also plan to try this recipe and this recipe.  I will avoid hemp and flax seed and I will stick with regular milk because I don't love almond milk enough to go through a whole one. 

That is enough pseduo-healthy talk.  How about some of these recipes I can't wait to try?

Skillet Pizza by Bev Cooks
Cajun Shrimp Quiche by Eat, Live, Run
Easy Movie Nachos with Fontina Cheese and Candied Jalapenos by How Sweet It Is

The theme for this weeks cravings.....CHEESE!  

Side note...we are still waiting on a surgery date for baby Calleigh.  She is doing great in the NICU.

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