Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet Baby Calleigh

My sister had her baby...quite a bit early!  We knew she wouldn't make it to her due date based on the size of her baby belly.  Unfortunately, Calleigh had to go straight to the NICU.  She was not able to breathe through her nose.  After some tests, the doctors discovered that she had a condition called choanal atresia on both sides of her nose that prevents her from being able to breathe through her nose.  She was transferred to the big children's hospital NICU in the medical center as soon as they discovered the condition. 

She is beautiful, she is stable as long as she is on the machines being monitored and has her mouth open, and she will most likely need surgery this week to correct the problem.  We are all waiting patiently for the doctors to put together their plan and make sure that Calleigh is strong enough to handle surgery.  Lots of praying and waiting this week.

Calleigh we can't wait to cuddle you!


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