Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This and That

Read Lonesome Dove.  I know we have all seen the movie, but you just gotta read the book.  I REALLY enjoyed it. 

Poppy seeds are not easy to clean up.  They stick to the counter, to the floor, and to your kid's hands and feet.  Sweeping them is a great way to distribute them into a larger space. Now I will only be able to make 24 servings of Bloomin Onion Bread instead of 212.

Me, the not baker, managed to make mini banana muffins with some grody nanas that were left out while on vacation all while Wyatt sat still on the couch without getting up.

Me, the observant mama, should have realized that Wyatt was sick if he was willing to sit still for so long.  He also didn't want to go outside and play.  I thought he was just tired from vacay. 

Wednesday is ultrasound day people.  According to my nephew, I am either having a girl or a boy or a puppy.  Can't wait to find out which one! 

I usually take about 3 nights to make it through a Netflix movie because I get sooo sleeepy.  We started the Avengers and then zzzz.


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