Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Product Favorites - Mom and Toddler

I love to watch the videos from I'm A Mommy on YouTube but feel like I never have to time to watch them (although I can read endless amounts of blogs and keep up with facebook???).   My favorites are her monthly product reviews for Mama, Toddler, and Baby.  Check out her May one here.  She has inspired me to write my own faves on a monthly basis so here goes my first one.  P.S. I know pictures make it more fun, but I have to steal / borrow them from various websites so I am not sure if I should do this. 

Mama Product Faves

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara - I want a mascara that is easy to put on and easy to take off.  This one works!  This was a gift from my MIL.  Beauty bloggers rave about it and the product is a bit hard to find.  Walgreens carries it in store and Amazon sells online.

Enormous Ziploc Bags - I use the large and extra large bags.  Store your maternity clothes, winter clothes, and outgrown baby clothes in them.  They have lines on the bag for labels and feel pretty durable.  They can easily be stuffed into boxes for the next time your husband's company moves you.

Yes to Tomatoes Product Line - My face is still a mess and I keep trying a new regimen every month.  I have tried caveman-no wash, CeraVe, and Cetaphil over the past few months.  I am on week 2 of Yes to Tomatoes and even though my face is not any clearer I really enjoy the smell and feel and it looks like my skin tone is better...that or I got a tan.  I am using the Daily Clarifying Cleanser and the Daily Balancing Moisturizer (all of the ones that are salycilic acid free).

Toddler Product Faves

 Winnie the Pooh Airplane - We have a hand me down that doesn't look quite as fancy as this one and the lights and sounds never worked, but this is fun for hours!  He is still young enough to like push toys and he can sit on it and ride it (he picks this over a tricycle).  I can hook a rope up to it and pull him on it.  He can put leaves and sticks under the seat.  The fun never ends. 

Alice in Wonderland - The old Disney Alice in Wonderland is on Netflix Instant Play and suprisingly he loves it.  I am not sure why but it really entertains him...maybe more than Mighty Machines and Lightening McQueen.  I am cool with this because it is one of my childhood faves. 

Foam Water Squirters - Fun in the pool and fun with a bucket of water / hose.  This has taken up hours and hours of fun and Wyatt is almost able to refill it himself. 

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