Monday, July 8, 2013

Vacation Recovery

How we have recovered from our 1 week beach vacation so far....

Beach John Deere

We ate chicken noodle soup for dinner in hopes that it cures Hunter's sickies

We pulled out every single toy in the living room and didn't put them up before bed....I think Wyatt missed them

We went to bed early and slept late (even Hunter, oops)

We managed to find some yogurt and cereal to eat for breakfast

We sat happily in our high chair and ate instead of fighting with Mama and Daddy every meal

We put on our rain boots before we brushed our teeth and got dressed

We watched the really lame Monster Truck movie on Netflix Instant Play for 5 minutes

We logged into work and searched for motivation

We plan to go to Target for a few grocery staples, some more curtains for our nursery nook, and a fun  birthday present for my nephew who turns 4 tomorrow!

It's 7:45 AM.  Bed time will be here after we know it. 



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