Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why I Am Missing

I spent about 20 hours trying to revive my 5-6 year old laptop.  All this work for a 4 hour temporary victory.  She is a goner.  She was good to us, but tis time for her to retire. 

What this means is I have to work in my office / guest room / storage room. What this means is that I can only be on a computer when Wyatt is sleeping.  What this means is I spend all my computer time working.  What this means is I don't get to do any fun internetting.  What this means is you don't get the life updates from me that you should be.

Have no fear.  Picking out a new laptop is the 2nd item on my paper to do list.  I have it narrowed down to about 5.

Still "nesting" over here.  I bought these frames from Amazon.  They come with multiple layouts that you can tape to your wall and easily mark where your hardware goes.  I love the way they look and I love that someone did the fun and creative layouts for me.

I am trying my first photo order with mpix.  If you hang around pinterest, you will see all of these pins about why their quality is so much better than all of the other printer people.  Did you know you should almost never print glossy?  Me neither.  I always do the instant glossy.  Time to step it up and order pics through the mail with a matte finish. 

Also, Creamsicle Magic Shell !?!?!??!  I NEED to try this.   On Vanilla ice cream. It WILL be magical.


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