Friday, October 11, 2013

Veggie Tales

This week has been a week of vegetable adventures. I must have been having some strange and healthyish cravings while strolling through the grocery store.

BLT(fried and green) - Yes, I bought green tomatoes with intentions of making a tomatillo / green tomato salsa, but I turned it into a bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato sandwich with chipotle mayo.  I would do this again!

Tomatillo Cheese Grits from Homesick Texan - I am obsessed with grits as long as they are slow cooked with milk and other tasty stuff.  Breakfast grits I can do without.  I served this up with some shrimp cooked with salt, cilantro, butter, and lime.  A Mexican version of shrimp n grits perhaps? 

Spaghetti Squash sorta like Steamy Kitchen Says -  Spaghetti squash might be my new favorite veggie. I absolutely loved it.  Hunter appreciated it too.  I thought Wyatt would dig in thinking it was pasta.  He did call it pasta but detected the intruder immediately and decided not to have anymore.  Maybe if I try the spaghetti squash and cheese (mac n cheese style) recipe he will go for it. 

Roasted White Carrots inspired by PW - I had thyme and I impulse bought white carrots. I roasted them along the lines of the PW recipe. 

Well peeps, I have a little more than 2 weeks left until my due date and I am rrrready.  I spend my afternoons trying to convince Wyatt to do things where I get to sit.  Sometimes I even fall asleep on the couch while he plays in the living room.  I am tots sure I would wake up before he get into something he shouldn't.  I think I bought THE last thing I need to buy before baby girl arrives. I got one last haircut. I washed clothes. I mostly packed our hospital bags.  Car seat check. I don't sleep at night. I only want to sleep during the day.  The usuals.  Just need a baby girl here to stir up some things.

A dose of cuteness...Wyatt found a little stuffed baby dolly that is not for him.  He has been carrying her around and taking her to read books before nap.  He propped her up by us and put a dump truck in her lap.  Sharing!  We call her "baby girl" and he gives her hugs and kisses.  I can only hope he is this sweet to his sister.  I also hope she can claim her "baby girl" back someday. 

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