Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Product Favorites - Mama and Toddler


Aquaphor - I am putting this on my lips at least twice a day..usually more.  Regular chapstick is not cutting it and no matter how much water I am drinking right now my lips hurt and feel so dry.

Progressive International Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier - I should have just borrowed a cupcake carrier from my sister, but I needed one ASAP and I have Amazon Prime so I just bought the one that is recommended by America's Test Kitchen and Annie too. This was pretty slick, easy to use, and collapses to half the size.  I recommend it! 


Melissa and Doug Grill Set - Wyatt got quite the birthday haul and we haven't had enough time to really play with all of the new toys, but this grill set has gotten a surprising amount of play time.  Two older cousins came for a visit and enjoyed playing with it too. 
Play Doh, Play Doh, Play Doh - Something we can do that is indoors.  Play Doh is pretty easy to clean up if you keep it on the tile floor or the kitchen table.  We got the Steam Roller, Trash Tossin Rowdy Dumptruck, and a Cutter/ Roller set similar to this. I think his favorite part is picking out the color that we play with. Mama's rules...only one color out at a time.

Construction Trucks and Tractors in a Toolbox -  These are almost all new trucks and tractors AND if you put them in a tool box with little compartments it gets even better for your toddler.  Wyatt knows every single one of these because if we misplace a specific one, we look for it for a long time before I can distract with something else.  Current faves are Backhoe, Forklift, and New Holland Loader.

I need some ideas for a little gift from baby sister to Wyatt when he meets her for the first time (the Internet says).  Anybody?  Current ideas...Mr. Potato Head, a Tow Truck toy, a matchbox car.

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