Monday, November 25, 2013

This Post Brought To You By....

...the Christmas tree window clings I bought at Target.  The $1.50 we spent is well worth it.  I am sure that our neighbors enjoy watching Wyatt play in front of the window in his undies too.

What's New:

Food - I plan to make Nantucket Cranberry Pie and Rosemary Dinner rolls for my Thanksgiving contribution. Then we are going to drive to San Antonio so I can celebrate my friend's mawwiage.  Love, sweet love.  I am excited BUT dreading putting on a bridesmaid dress with my baby pooch and not looking forward to balancing toddler, newborn, travel, and social obligations.

Fitness - I fell off the 30 Day Shred-Wagon when the whole family got sick, but we are well again so time to get back to it.  I guess I have about 6 more days at Level 1.  C'mon Jillian...let's do this.  Before the weather got too cold, I was getting in a good walk almost every day.  I want to fit in some yoga too.  Not enough hours in the day but halleluiah for being able to touch my toes again and move around without pain.

Toddler - Speaking of undies, potty training regression in the hizzy.  Surprise, surprise.  Right now I am the one who is potty trained since I force him to go every few hours.  He will not tell me he needs to go (except for poopies). I made up a new strategy today.  He can wear undies until his first accident...then he has to put on a pull up.  After he successfully goes on the potty again, he can put undies back on.  Each day he gets a fresh start. Anyone have a better idea?  I feel like I am driving him crazy by asking him if he needs to I will stop.

Baby - Way back in the days, when I sat in a rocking chair for hours with Wyatt praying that he would nap, I came across this YouTube video called Baby Got Colic.  The video sounds like some combination of a train with a heart beat swimming in the ocean.  The video is 10 minutes longish, but seriously it stops baby crying and puts them to sleep in less than 5 minutes almost anytime I use it.  So strange.  Don't actually watch the video because it is creepy.  Just blast it on your phone at max volume and watch your babies eyes close....zzzzzzzz. 

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At November 29, 2013 at 10:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will have to remember that video in a year or two. ;)


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