Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Loddy Doddy

I am not together enough to write real posts, so more ramblings for you.

We pulled out our Christmas decor.  I am averaging a decoration every 2 hours.  Might be done by Christmas eve. Sad news....our fake tree is in San Antonio. Time to purchase a new one.

I am still working on Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I have almost finished 10 workouts (in 20 days?) so time to move to level2.  Wyatt now asks "need to exercise tonight?" and talks about Jillian.  He "works out" with me.  It is pretty cute to see him do jumping jacks and stretch. His favorite part is abs.

I have eaten dinosaur chicken nuggets and noodles with jar pasta sauce more times than I would like to admit for lunch recently and breakfast for us yesterday was tater tots.  Bwah ha.  I had planned to make eggs and tater tots but we were out of eggs.  Luckily, Hunter watched both kids last night and I made a trip to the store.

This salsa verde chicken chili is one of the easiest throw in a pot meals that is actually very good.  I used store bought tomatillo salsa.  I tried this Sweet Potato Pomegranate salad last night and it was good not great.  Found out Wyatt loves pomegranate. Hope it's ok for him to digest all those seeds. So far, so good. Planning on collard greens, sausage, and biscuits (from the freezer) tonight.

Kate is now allowing me a 5 to 6 hour stretch of sleep at night, but this is at the price of extreme grumpiness from 7:00-9:30 PM.  She just can't settle down.  On Monday she left baby vegetable phase and turned into a more alert lil baby and gave me 3 smiles!  She looks at me and talks a little bit and then offers a smile. A smile really does make life sweeter. 

Our San Antonio trip was a success.  Kate was having a tough time, but she took a bottle and got lots of love from MIL and Auntie. The wedding was great. The bride was beautiful. My dress fit. I had a glass of wine and got to dance.  Whoo hooo.   Thanks MIL! Wyatt was a pretty good kid too.

We are celebrating Lisa's birthday and a delayed Thanksgiving this weekend.  Can't wait!

Two pics from our crazy day yesterday.  


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