Friday, March 21, 2014

Tiny Town Happenins

So at the Sonic this week we had quite the experience.  Me and the neighbor gal decided to meet up at the Sonic for lunch time so the big kiddies could play, so the babies could roll around on a blanket, and so we could chat and eat tots.  This Sonic is known for bad customer service (at least in the mama group) but there is a playground with a fence that you can lock your kids in so it is forgivable.

So picture 4 car seats and 4 babies (3 triples and 1 single) rolling on the ground at the Sonic picnic area in the little center area.  Picture the amount of work that is required to keep that moving.  Picture the amount of times we have to yell "don't throw sand" or "dont climb up the slide" to the big kids on the playground. Then picture a stray dog walking up and sniffing the babies because we really needed more to worry about. 

THEN a John Deere mower rolls on up to the sonic with a little girl in pink earmuffs and pink boots and a grandpa.  They cut it off and place their order.  I really wanted to run over and take a picture at this point but thought it might be weird. At this time, Wyatt is fascinated.  He requests to come out of the caged playground to watch the mower.   Just our luck....after they get their food...they crank the mower and roll on over to our area to picnic and playground.  Picture the dust cloud and noise as the mower parks right in front of us.  Poppy and lil girl hop off the mower and the usual "that is a lot of babies" "are they twins" "omg triplets" ruckus that my neighbor hears every time she does anything occurs.  Turns out the dog wasn't a stray...its just ol Lucy.  Lucy moves faster than the mower and beat her owners to the spot. 

We are now balancing talking to the chattiest poppy EVER, keeping Lucy away from the babies, and handling the 6 kids...balancing bathroom visits, eating tots, flipping babies over back to tummy, diapers, bouncing, burping etc.  Do we leave? Heck no...this is the most social interaction we ever get during the day.

Well turns out poppy was county commissioner for 19 years. They found a tumor the size of a grapefruit on his brain stem and he survived it but hasn't been able to drive since.  He takes his mower everywhere.  But he doesn't cross the major highway because that would just be silliness.  He asked me if I knew quite a few people from my hometown and I am sad to say I didn't.  He asked my neighbor if she knew quite a few people from her hometown.  Same story.  We didn't pay attention to family names when we were younger.  He guaranteed that my neighbor had the only triplets in our town.  Believe it or not there were triplets in his family.  What a hoot.  Poppy hopped up off the picnic bench in his coveralls to retrieve his grand daughter.  His coveralls had quite the hole in the waistband. I am pretty sure he was keeping things cool in there with no additional layers.  He offered to wait for us to load the kids up before cranking his mower but we let him know it would take all day.  He did seem to know everybody at the Sonic and everybody passing through the Sonic (its on the way to the Dollar General maybe??).  Poppy, see ya next time.  Looking forward to it.


At March 21, 2014 at 12:07 PM , Blogger jamison said...

Fantastic post! The details and storytelling would make any senior high English teacher proud. I felt I was right there with you talking to Poppy.

At April 9, 2014 at 11:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard when I read this, I had to read it twice and then read it to Drew. I guess Viera is missing out on somethings. ;)


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