Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Each little new trick the babe learns causes a whole nuther round of sleep disruptions.  We conquered the rollover.  We made progress on the crawling in bed with a little round of post vacation "baby jail".  We are now up against the pullup. Perhaps the worst in my experience?  Lots of banging heads on the crib and getting stuck in the stand up position.  One time Wyatt fell asleep standing up.  Ha ha!

You basically have 3 options to survive these developmental phases:

1. Become a mama-parasite. I am one with the baby. As long as you stay physically attached to me at all times you will not realize you are even sleeping.  You will float on the mama cloud and capture sweet zzzzzzs while I sleep sitting up, or with you gnawing on me, or with you squished up against me and you better not breathe or move or release me.

2.  Become a body builder. Nurse, rock, shake or swing into oblivion.  Hold your breath, cross your eyes, lay el bebe down so gently that they don't realize they have been transferred to their own space.  Relax your permanently flexed muscles. Stand up straight. Now tiptoe out of the room ninja style and hope your knees dont pop or you don't breathe too loud or close the doorknob incorrectly.  Whew.  Deep breath.  "waaahhhh" Repeat as necessary. The only problem with this one is each month this trick gets a little harder as they get a little smarter and more alert. That's ok...your muscles with grow along with your bebe.

3. Become a drill sergeant.  Suck it up baby. You can cry alllllll night and I can outlast, out-cry, out-gag-on-your-own-mucous-because-you-are-so-upset you. Alternate between reassuring yourself that you know what is best for your baby and feeling like your baby will never have a self esteem in the future because you allowed them to cry...ALONE...IN THEIR DEEP DARK SLEEPING PLACE. And they will remember this day when they get their first B- in school...you know it's true.

As you can see, these are all winners. I will put myself out there and state that I choose option C.  Because. This one. Gives. THE fastest. RESULTS. And I use this within reason.  And they learn so fast after a little cry a night or two.  And Wyatt...he loves to go to bed to this day.  And he is a great sleeper. And that boy...he cried...alot.  Okk? So I am not going to defend myself anymore. Stop attacking me.

So here is to tonight. And to much shorter rounds of standing in the crib waiting for a mommy rescue.

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At June 11, 2014 at 11:55 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

You go girl! I'm a C-er too. I get a lot of criticism (especially from the MIL) but it works like a charm and he is so fun at bedtime and sleeps great all night! Just a few nights and she will be use to bedtime. Good luck!

At July 12, 2014 at 11:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

She looks so proud of herself! Drew was just telling me this morning we need to be more structured and less "it'll work out". I wish I could resist the mommy rescue. I'm getting there though ...


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