Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Boring Mom Post

I really do think I need to retire this thing because my posts always end up being "sorry I havent posted much"  "here is what's going on" "yah my life is still boring" "no I have nothing innovative to share" but I just can't quit it so here ya go.

I am obsessed with redoing our patio and making it fancy.  OBSESSED.  I went to Home Depot with a sick Wyatt and a Kate in my Ergo carrier.  I filled one of those flat carts twice.  I lifted huge bags of dirt while packing Kate.  I loaded and unloaded and loaded and unloaded.  Just goes to show if you want it you can do it.  Wyatt was a good helper surprise surprise.  He seems to understand that when Dad is not around you actually have to stay close to Mom and listen.  So in my dream patio we have cute planters with plants that are guaranteed to keep mosquitoes away (yah just like those deer resistant plants were a flop at our other house).  We have cafe lights. We have curtains. We have citronella tiki torches. There are plans for an outdoor rug and some little couches and a table.  I really do not understand my desire to have this place because it is going to get really hot and the mosquitoes will not stay away but I think it has something to do with this C Rap hole that my house has turned into.  The laundry piles, the cracker crumbs, the toys on the floor.  I want serenity without the work. Hunter is the kindest and humors me and runs fishing line for my curtains and shows me how I can hang the lights with anchors and extension cords.

I had a really bad week.  Not because of anything specific but I couldn't take it ANY MORE. Wyatt was sick.  And now Kate is sick. And Hunter was sick.  And of course I am not sick and I should be super grateful of that but sometimes it seems like all I do is take care of people (see definition of mom) and I am not allowed to be sick.  Wyatt was not sick enough to be down for the count just really grumpy and whiny and tired.  I went to Walgreens to buy some Mucinex REAL QUICK to get that c rap out of there and there was a "really helpful" person working there that just wanted to chat and play and thought we went to Walgreens for a day out.  They showed Wyatt all of the displays that were safe for him to play in.  Told me about the sunscreen special the next day.  Showed me their setup props.  Talked about raising kids.  I learned all about her nieces and nephews.  Showed me where the 50% off slightly old cookies are.  She was so kind but I was so ready to go home and lay the kiddies down for  nap.  I exited with the cookies and the medicine and proceeded to eat 11 of them that day.  I wish I was kidding.  I also made queso at 9 in the morning one day this week.  So far this diet is working great because I only have two more pounds of baby weight to lose (in queso you were wondering).

I got the Timehop app and I dig it.  It shows you items from your instagram, facebook, dropbox, camera roll that happened on this day each year.  For example, on this day in 2013 I was taking a picture of food and in 2012 I was rocking a sick Wyatt (what a coincidence).  This is a super helpful app if you are into throw back thursday and flash back friday.

Are you into making pulled pork?  You should be.  Stick that hunka meat in a crock pot all day and come home to deliciousness.  Freeze it into several servings.  I usually get about 3 freezer packs on top of what we eat for the week.  I found a wonderful pinterest board for how to use leftover pulled pork aside from the usual sammies and tacos.  Check it out here. 

 Work. Ugh. I am so disappointed in myself.  My average is 10-15 hours a week.  I just can't get it together.  Kate isn't mobile enough to entertain herself.  There were too many failed naps or naps at abnormal times.  I think about quitting quite often these days but no I won't.

Well I am vowing to eat healthy next week so I need to get to making my zucchini noodles and preparing my vegetables.  My favorite food blogger right now is Inspralized. I mostly follow her on Instagram because I can't even be bothered to read blogs these days...not even my favorites.  I love this post on the best beginner recipes for the spiralizer and I plan to make a few of them soon.

Beth recommended The Rosie Project and it was on sale with Kindle for $1.99. I am really enjoying it.  Don, the main character, reminds me of a guy I used to work with.  He would say that he could never cook for anyone else because he knows exactly how much rice and chicken to cook for himself and can't alter that.

Laura recommended Oxi Clean Gel Stick and I am enjoying that because I am not good at keeping babies clean while they are eating and baby food stains surprisingly.  I also promote large amounts of dirt on clothes while playing outside. 

I went to this consignment shop where I sold some clothes for some $$$ and they quit doing consignment. I thought I had a $7 credit but I had a $35 credit so I bought myself some "tribal shorts" and a "new tank".  Lucky me.  Here is hoping I can style them.

The end.  Happy weekend. Don't you feel caught up on things now?  Follow me on Instagram if you really want to see what I do with my life.  And yah I fell off the Tumblr wagon. 


At May 25, 2014 at 2:26 PM , Anonymous Samantha W said...

Hang in there your an amazing mom and inspire me with everything that you do!

At June 23, 2014 at 12:58 AM , Blogger LauraLowe said...

I need a spiralizer post to convince me I need one and would ever be able to use it. In all your free time please get on that
Re: no time for blogs - here I am reading this post from a month ago so maybe it's something in the air? Or the Mosquitos are actually sucking our time?!


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