Friday, August 8, 2014

Why I Can't Be Bothered to Write Posts

I decided to try to capture one of my days in pictures to show you why I don't have time to write posts anymore. This was a Thursday.  Prepare to be amazed/bored. I actually didn't take that many pictures so prepare to be even more amazed/bored than you thought.  Have you accepted the fact that I don't write quality or quantity on this blog anymore? I am still trying to come to terms with it.  Enjoy my Thursday.

6:19 AM Wake up to "hi mom". Wyatt comes to find me in the mornings now. He brings his two stuffed animals and climbs into bed with me.  He wants me to cover him up and snuggle.  This is really a very sweet moment and gives me a minute to remember what day it is and where I am at.  After about 2 minutes, Wyatt requests "snack breakfast".  Snack breakfast is breakfast that I throw into a ziploc partitioned tupperware that we eat in the living room on the couch unless Kate is awake and I am feeding her in the high chair. He wants to be where the action is. Snack breakfast of the day was a mini bagel, an applesauce, and a string cheese. We usually watch a Mighty Machines. Snack breakfast started when Kate was born and I am not sure we will ever go back to regular breakfast. While Wyatt eats and learns about construction equipment, I chug some water and login to work until my other little requests me.

6:40 AM Kate's awake.  Wyatt and I go to get her.  She gets so excited to see Wyatt in the mornings. It is really sweet. Of course she is excited to see me too.  I nurse Kate (just a few more months!!!) and then she plays for a few minutes in the living room.  I usually try to figure out a breakfast plan for myself here.  I made a coconut milk, coconut water, and blueberry smoothie.  I haul Kate into the kitchen, put her in the high chair and sit down with my cutting board and knife.  She is sort of refusing to eat food that I feed her so chop all day/ chop all night.  Sometimes I can get her to take bites of applesauce or yogurt in between her feeding herself.  Today was blueberries quartered, cheerios, and bread cut into little pieces with cream cheese. Hose down Kate, wipe down high chair, and sweep floor round 1. No matter how full she acts, as soon as she finds food on the floor she wants to eat it.  I don't get it.   I get Kate dressed and diapered.  I get Wyatt dressed and undiapered, brush teeth, and then I get myself dressed.

9:00 AM Kate's nap time.  I usually get to perform nap by myself but sometimes Wyatt wants to come rock with us or play on the other bed in Kate's room.  Same routine with kid #2.  I hum twinkle twinkle a few times and then lay her down.  She wails for about 35 seconds and then passes out for an hour and a half.  I log back into work.  Wyatt has been out of school for a few weeks and things are different.  He is not quite as happy. He doesn't listen as good. He isn't doing self play as good.  He needs more interaction so I am trying to do better instead of working every minute that Kate is asleep. Today, we pull out the paint and he paints while I work (sorta). 
Wearing my shirt so I don't have to change him AGAIN
A little lesson in mixing paints and blue makes night time sky...oooooh
10:30 AM Kate's Awake.  Another round of nursing, diapers, etc. I convince Wyatt we need to go to the blue store (I wanted some cheapo pink sheets for the new day bed in Kate's room). I pack snacks for all and we head out.  I delete my grocery list on my phone by accident so I am ticked! We buy the sheets, fruits n veggies, and get out of there without too much damage.  I also get a few new ideas for baby finger foods.  Canned pears, oranges, peaches. Frozen peas, corn. Hummus for spreading on bread. At this point it's 11:15 and I text Hunter to see if he is up for a lunch meetup.  It's our lucky day! He has time.
A little post nap cuddle

11:30 AM Lunch date at one of our fab Mexican restaurants.  Wyatt gets the chicken flauta with beans and rice. Hunter gets tacos al carbon. I get fajita steak and cheese enchiladas. I manage to feed Kate a few bites of baby squash and she has some tortilla (she loves tortillas), diced pears, and I think thats it??  Our restaurant has soft serve on the way out so boom!  I pass on ice cream.  I usually fill the belly with chips n salsa over ice cream. Wyatt and Hunter accept.
Full baby wipe bath needed at this point
1:00 PM Back home! I diaper and hose off Kate while Wyatt watches more Mighty Machines...different episode. Twinkle twinkle...and we are off.  Wyatt's turn next.  Strip off the ice cream clothes.  Soap and water the hands and mouth.  Put on a pull up.  Read two books.  He is out.  I go get a perrier and sit down at the computer. While working I usually have to fight this mental battle of ugh....what am I going to do for dinner.  Ugh..I should really do a load or two of laundry.  Ugh....when I am going to clean up this house.  Ugh....get back to work. 

2:30 PM Kate's awake! Nurse, play, I try to work off and on while she is happy. Wyatt is working on an epic nap so we go unload the dishwasher and prep the dinners. Kate hangs out on the dishwasher when not chewing toys on the floor.

4:30 PM Wyatt's still asleep so we go wake him up because 4:30 is the time I don't allow sleeping past.  He is a happy guy even though we wake him up and immediately requests a library trip.  Shoes are located.  Pull up is removed. Snacks are loaded. We walk outside to go to the library.  Wyatt's best neighbor friend is outside playing so we play outside for a few minutes before Wyatt decides he does actually want to go to the library. I convince him to head over to the truck to start loading up and he starts coughing and crying like crazy.  I sit down on the grass so I can hold 2 kids and try to figure this thing out.  He just says his throat, his throat.  I admit defeat carry them both inside and give up on the library.  After a spoonful of honey and an apple juice Wyatt is better. He said a bean was stuck in his throat so my best guess is that he ate a bug.  Ha ha.  Who really knows? Anyways.  The episode only lasted 20 minutes or so.  Time to prepare the dinner. At this point Kate is usually grumpy and hungry so I cook while holding her and put her down on the floor to cry when I need 2 hands.  Chicken fajitas, rice, and beans for dinner.  Almost the same as lunch but these are all things Kate and Wyatt eat so oh well.  Sorry Hunter!
6:15 PM Hunter gets home at a reasonable time. Yah buddy!  So we hurry up and eat, Kate and Wyatt take a bath, Hunter does dishes, and we fit in a trip to the library.  Yay....5 new books for Wyatt.

7:45 PM Kate's bedtime.  Nurse, pass out.

8:30 PM Wyatt's bedtime.  Tooth brush, jammies, diaper. Hunter reads books and tucks him in.

9:00 PM Hunter and I do our 5 minute exercise for this 30 day beach body (laugh here) plan.  Showers all around. Hot tea. Sit down on the couch.  I open up the work computer.  I decide I am too tired to work anymore. 


So there it is.  A typical day.  <<This is not really a typical day because most days I don't leave the house and I had 3 outings!!!>> Yah buddy.  Do you feel informed?   You should. :)


At August 9, 2014 at 2:14 AM , Anonymous Melito said...

Geeze. I went to work, came home and passed out, went out, came home, and passing out. You are amazing!!! How do you do it?

At August 9, 2014 at 8:29 AM , Blogger Janet said...

It never feels amazing. It feels like doing nothing, but thanks for the vote. :)

At August 10, 2014 at 2:10 AM , Anonymous Samantha Dubya said...


At August 20, 2014 at 2:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely amazed! Not boring at all! You juggle everything so well!

I keep meaning to do one of these, but never manage to get pics of everything.


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