Friday, August 29, 2014

Five Fact Friday

Here it is! My very first Five Fact Friday (inspired by One Lovely Life).

1. Hunter has been watching the kiddies two nights a week so I can go to a boot camp class and I am loving it.  It is so nice to be tortured willingly instead of by your own kids.  We usually start with a 1 or 2 mile jog and then it is burpees and kettle bells and TRX and bosu balls oh my.  I am in the 3rd week of 10 and scared it is going to go by too fast.

2. All this exercise (sarcasm) has inspired me to eat healthier.  I do have to throw in an occasional fried okra night though.
These were good cold the next day too ;)

3. Kate is back on the refuse to eat off a spoon bandwagon. Our go to food items are beans, blueberries, cheese, pasta, and avocado.  She will always always eat those.  I tried making some sweet potato muffins and she didn't really get into those.  She did devour some beef with gravy on egg noodles.  Messy messy.  With a side of green peas.  Messier.  But she loved it.  I saw a tip on pinterest to freeze your baby food into little dots so it becomes finger food. And I did it.  And she loves it.  Yay!!! Another finger food. I am going to try baby meatballs next. I take suggestions for finger foods BTW.
applesauce and frozen purple carrots, blueberries, leftover pouch she wouldn't eat
4. Wyatt has still been giving me a really hard time every day.  He hits when he doesn't get his way. He doesn't want to do anything fun. He whines whines whines.  He can't share me with Kate. He had his first melt down within 2 mins of being awake yesterday when I refused to chop him some strawberries. I only gave him graham crackers because I was trying to nurse Kate at the same time and that was just too hard.  He is constantly telling me he loves me though and he is obsessed with bringing teddy around again. Hmmmm. Needs more attention? I think so.

5. Kate is still getting better at her steps, but I wouldn't really call her a walker yet.  We went to the bounce house and she was so jealous that she couldn't climb the stairs and slide with big bro. I bought her a pair of Robeez (easy to walk in baby shoes).  They don't seem to bother her and she can still walk in them.

Wait for meeeee
new shoes

Yayyy. I finished a post. My laptop is back on the fritz so I have to sit at a real desk in front of a real computer to work and blog these days so yahhhh my hours went way down (sorry boss man).  We will perform CPR this weekend or break down and buy another one like we have been threatening to do for a few years now.



At August 29, 2014 at 8:06 AM , Anonymous Bootcamp Sam said...

Sweet kicks I need try the bounce place and frozen baby food. I'm readying this literally 3 mintues after you posted it. Stalker status.

At August 29, 2014 at 9:31 AM , Blogger Janet said...

I didn't even try to make it to the 5 am one today. Lame!

At August 31, 2014 at 2:22 AM , Anonymous Melito said...

Is your laptop feeling better?? You're missed online!


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