Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yay Blue Store (Walmart)

So Walmart is trying to get into the app fun.  They have this whole Savings Catcher push going on where they do the price comparisons for you in the area. You don't have to know that another store has baby wipes for $1 cheaper.

I downloaded the Walmart app to my phone.  I typed in the codes from my receipt because I couldn't get their barcode scanner to work.  I waited 3 days for it to analyze my receipt and compare. I now have about $4 that I can redeem and put onto a gift card.  If you are ok with "the man" knowing what you are buying, you should download the app or go to their Savings Catcher website and start entering your receipts.  You only have seven days after you make the purchase to redeem.

The only question I have is, can I get the gift card at the regular check out or do I have to go to customer service?  Good job blue store.  You have made shopping there a little bit more fun!

Proceeeeeed to the savings.  EDLP! Long lines, cheap prices, never know what kinda people you will see there.  Wally world.  A necessary evil. Blue store!

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