Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Fact Friday

1. Kate's 1st birthday is sneaking up on us.  I asked Wyatt what she needed for her birthday.  He said ummm, I think a dump truck and a backhoe loader.  I said you sure she doesn't want something that girls might like a little bit more?  No, because she can make piles with these.  Ooook buddy. If you say so. 

2. The universe is telling me that maybe I can work again this week.  I have survived 4 conference calls and I even felt like a contributing valuable member of a team for a few minutes.  I am sure this will sway into I should just quit this gig next week, but for now, things are looking up.  Kate has returned to normal nap length of an hour and a halfish twice a day instead of the dreaded 45 minute naps.
This is how we go get Wyatt when he wakes up from his nap

3. I was only able to make it to one of my two boot camp classes this week...again.  You would think corporate America would allow a husband to make it home by 6 or 7 PM at least 2 nights a week but this is not the case.  You would think a wife would be understanding and feel sorry for her husband especially since he has been having to get up at 4:30 AM to drive to a different office...but again...this is not the case.  I am halfway through my 3 weeks to a pull up plan, and I would like to start stroller running again but the mosquitoes will not allow this yet. 
This is my front door...and those are hundreds of mosquitoes. Wah.
4. I made the bestest chicken wings ever this week. You should check out the recipe I followed here. They were really really good and I am already plotting my next chance to have them.  I did not use all the butter and I did not have parmesan or garlic in my house but it still rocked.  I also tried Pioneer Woman's black bean burgers and they were a hit with Kate and pretty tasty in my opinion. Hunter said they were good too but this was after he got home too late for me to go to boot camp so he knew that he had to be nice.

5. Kate and Wyatt are going to be circus style clowns for Halloween.  There were no cute non creepy boy clown costumes so I got creative and ordered some black dickies shorts 5 sizes too big.  I am pairing it with red suspenders, red tennies, and some bright colored boxers under his large shorts.  I think it is pretty stinkin cute. I ordered the $5 clown wig.  I might make some yarn pom poms to put on his shoes. I guess I need to paint him a red nose.  Kate will have a rainbow tutu and maybe some rainbow leggings if it's not too hot...and a red nose...and maybe a headband if she will tolerate it.  That is all. I can check off that to do item now.



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