Friday, September 26, 2014

Five Fact Friday

1. I started a 6 week health challenge that one of my friends invited me to. This is week 2. And I am doing crazy things like trying not to eat chocolate when stressed. And not eat a dinner while I am cooking dinner...and then have dinner.  I made some killer pork chops that turned into Bahn Mi / Cheesesteak leftover type subs the next day.  I made America's Test Kitchen's All American Chili. I made a big ol spaghetti squash that I am still trying to use up.  I have been having this zoodle avocado salad for lunch with peas instead of edamame.  I finally found a green protein smoothie that I actually love. It has been fun. I am ok with smaller, lighter meals as long as I keep on snacking.

2. We have dance parties at home to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off and Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass...usually during Kate's breakfast and while I am trying to cook dinner.  Wyatt is pretty good at the shake it off dance.  The song came on while we were driving and Kate started doing the shake it off hands.  Coincidence??? No way.

3. I might be the only person in the world who prefers thin baby wipes over thick.  I just can't use thick efficiently.  I refuse to rewipe on the same surface area so the thickies are a big wastey.  I think I am missing something in life. 

4. Wyatt has turned a corner and has been pleasant to be around these past few days.  I am not sure what happened but we are having fun. I am not counting down the minutes until bedtime.  He sorta listens.  And he doesn't try to kick me. Yeahhh!!

5. I didn't really take many pics this week except for this cutie one with BabyLegs. We had a few days of cooler mornings which were fabulous but not pictured are the swarms of mosquitoes still in our area.

5b. How many people have already sent an accidental voice chat  iMessage using iOS8?  I just know sometime I am going to accidentally send a heavy breathing voice text or some snippet of my life to a person that I am not on that level of crazy with.  So far I have only sent it to Hunter.  I guess I can go dig for a setting or see what somebody else figured out for it.



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