Friday, October 24, 2014

Five Fact Friday

1. Kate had her 3rd ear infection. At first, I just thought she was being a nap skipper. Then I remembered she is never really a nap skipper. Then she wouldn't stop fussing. Then she had a fever. Then she was falling asleep while she was eating (while I was holding her). So we got a different anti biotic and I bought $184 ear drop pain relief drops!! The pharmacist was like your insurance only pays $6 of this you want it?  Umm...uhh...nooooo....(what if she is a mess)...ok fineuh! So they do seem to help. I can give them to her before a nap and she will sleep pretty good. SHE BETTER! This has been 2 weeks and we are still snotty but better.  I blame all the drainage for this.

2. We pulled out the old Halloween costumes. Wyatt has a new game. He tigers all over the place. Tiger in the front yard (many people stopped to talk to him while driving by). We tigered at Hobby Lobby. We tigered at home. We tigered while eating pizza and wouldn't even take off the paw gloves. We wanted to tiger at nap and bath but I held strong. I hid the tiger costume but I bet he will ask for it ASAP.

3. I haven't done any more of the exercises on my pull up training plan. I froze at the end of week 2 (of 3).  But I can do a forehead up! I am super excited because it's really close.  Here is a video that I convinced Hunter to take and you get a sneak peak at our junky messy house and my trying really hard face. Enjoy!!

4. I am still mentally blocking the fact that Kate turns 1 on Sunday. I haven't bought her a present. I did break down and plan her birthday outfit and cake outfit. So there is something. 

5. Let's talk about 3 year old naps. I thought that Wyatt would nap until he started kindergarten. Both of my 5 year old nephews still needed naps. I am super good at routine. Wyatt knows what to expect. My kid will nap every day. Like a champ. When he naps every other day.  I cry. For now, he stays in his room and plays and reads books so I can continue working. He really does give it a good try every day. And he stays happy when he doesn't nap. And there is a small perk of him going to bed at the same time as Kate on no nap days.  Summary....I thought it would be easier to work from home as the kids get older, but maybe this is not the case.



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