Friday, November 21, 2014

Five Fact Friday

Funny how I only post on Fridays now. I was tempted to publish this on Thursday just to shake it up.

1. We are attempting to take kid only Christmas pics this weekend like with a real photographer that you pay money to. I am a little nervous BUT there is going to be fake snow and then a Santa appearance that will probably cause Kate to cry but I think Wyatt will like it. Our town is having some festivals of lights and parades coming soon. I think it is time to get into the spirit. I really think I can't get away with slacking on the decor as much this year. Wyatt noticed that our house was not decorated for Halloween and "everyone else" did. So I might buy some things to hang in windows and on doors. And where am I going to put a tree? And how am I going to keep a 1 year old off of a tree?

2. Kate has given up eating avocado so I am a little heart broken because that plus butter and cheese quesadillas was how I was fattening her up. I have had to switch to peanut butter on bananas...a bit messier.
Spoon training is going well, right? She chunked the spoon and started dipping her cheese in the yogurt

3. Hunter had the craziest Saturday night last week...

4. Wyatt has started the billion questions part of his life. I knew this was coming.  Who made dirt? How do toys get made? How do lights work? How do air conditioners work? Do rocket ships have steering wheels? How are cups made? Why does your truck have 3 pedals? How do you back up?  I deferred on how the air conditioner works question and Hunter explained it to him using lots of technical terms and Wyatt just shook his head and soaked it in the whole time like he understood.  What if he did understand?  This phase is exhausting.

5. Tamale! Season! I ordered a few from a neighbor's school's fundraiser and I wish I ordered more more more.  Tamales all day.  Kate loves tamales.  Tamales for breakfast.  Give me some more tamales. With queso.  And margaritas. Yeahh!



At February 7, 2015 at 10:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wyatt's Daddy is the coolest!


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