Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Fact Friday

1. How we spent our Valentine's Day...Whataburger lunch on the beach. Of course I got the #4. So great that they have a meal that comes with jalapenos and cheese by default.

2. How we spent our day after Valentine's Day...a short road trip to numb the pain since Hunter had to work.  We ended up at Steak n Shake for lunch after some playground time and it happened to be kids eat free day.  Whaat whaaaaat. I didn't even get a shake though.

3. I had one 5 AM workout at 36 degrees and then the next workout was 68 degrees this week.  So much confusion.  I did start to order some workout gear from ThredUp. I got a new to me running jacket and a couple of tops from Zella. I guess I draw the line at used shorts with the built in undies??
Horrible picture but see the red jacket...I like.
4. Kate growing up stuff....she does all of the slides and stairs at the playground. She is starting to say a lot of words. She can imitate Wyatt playing most of his toys with the right sound effects. When Wyatt is upset she goes up to him and claps her hands and holds out her arms like I do.  She talks gibberish in his face to calm him down and it just makes him madder.  She still walks around the house putting on shoes, bows, jewelry and insists that you do the same. 

5. I am working on shortening Kate's morning nap and stretching the afternoon nap because it is almost time for 1 nap here.  I am not ready to figure out how to work from home without her morning nap, but I can't send her to school in September if she still does. I think she is just about ready.

Have I bored you enough yet?  Greaaaat. My job is done here.  Happy Friday!



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