Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Friday...I Am Here

1. Wyatt is a sweet big brother...most of the time. He puts toys by her crib on the floor before naps since I tell him she can't have toys or animals in her bed yet.  He puts up with her wanting everything he is eating and almost always shares.  He gets her to pick out the shoes we put on before school. He lets her jump and play in his bed. He shares all of his toys. He actually tries to be quiet while she is napping. But the tackling...I don't get it.  He tackles and hugs her to the crying point about 20 times a day.  It could be much worse.
My threenager
2. Kate...she is really growing up.  Lots of words.  Working on the baby puzzles. Playing toys unassisted. Sleeping great unless we travel. This is nice.  This is fun.  She is eating more than Wyatt at every meal. Sometimes adult sized portions. I am sure we will hit a not as fun phase soon..perhaps the 2 to 1 nap conversion phase.
3. Wyatt asks "how was our dayyyy"  and "what did you do at work today" when Hunter gets home.  Pretty funny. I guess I am that boring traditional wife that asks how was your day. Oh well.  Better than "Here are the kids.  Your turn!"  He is always wanting to help me cook now but the whole "if he cooks it he will want to eat it" doesn't work.  I let him stir the hot pots now. Is that too early?  I feel like he is ready.  Still sticking with the butter knifes for cutting though. :)  After every bath, he tells me he wants to wear his hoodie towel as a super cape.  Every bath.  Every day.  Like I might forget or deny him the privilege.
Instagram repeat...but he helped make baba ghanoush and wouldn't even touch it.
4. Kate still likes shoes, hats, and socks.  She loves push toys and ride on toys.  Her favorite toy might still be a ball.  She might have said tractor for the first time yesterday and she makes a "brmmm brmmmm" sound.  She jumped on her cousin's trampoline last weekend and had a great time with that. 
baby jump

5.   As for my update, I am still debating about the work.  I am still making it to my 5 AM workout classes. I am currently in a not cleaning phase. I am currently in a cooking phase. I am currently in a want to go to bed at 8:30 PM phase. The dishes are beating me (or Hunter) down every night.

Happy Friday!!!



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