Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Fact Friday

The sun was not out all week... so this was a long, dreary, stay in your daytime jammies (I have standards), wish your truck had heat, kinda week.  We made it though so on to the rambles.

1. I need a work intervention.  My work used to feel valuable and meaningful and now for some reason I do not add value. I had a great role that allowed me to work flex hours from home and not require me to be super involved with phone calls and meetings all day but for some reason that role is just not working out anymore. I guess this is ok and maybe expected because I have been doing this role for close to 3 years now and things do change. I don't know if I need to step into the more challenging and time consuming roles or if I need to not work right now.  Sooooo torn. I have decided to pray about it and think about it and decide about it by end of January so I can talk to my work peeps.  So much guilt about this work thing!

2. I have cooked at least 10 different tortellini soup recipes because they always sound so good and look so easy and sorta healthy and they always disappoint BUT I finally found a good one....Creamy Parmesan Tomato and Spinach Tortellini Soup

3. I need some ideas for good "rest time" activities for Wyatt.  He is really loving puzzles, play-doh, and stamping/coloring/cutting paper but I can only repeat those so many times.  He is getting better ish at playing alone in his room during the afternoon while Kate naps. Maybe I can pinterest tonight. 

4. Citrus season.  Lemon water every day.  Orange smoothies.  Grapefruit. Dare I try this Grapefruit Smoothie?

5. I lost our video parent unit baby monitor in our house between 2nd nap and bedtime about 3 weeks ago.  I just got a new one in October.  I have looked everywhere my brain can think of.  I dug through all of the trash and recycle before we sent it off, I paced the yard, I looked behind appliances.  Lost, lost, lost my marbles.  I feel really guilty. I tried using an old iPhone monitor in the hallway between their rooms so I can hear them at night but it doesn't do good at live streaming.  It cuts off with alerts. It messed up my 4:30 AM alarm so I missed my morning workout.  Wyatt was crying this morning for a while because he needed to go poop but it wasn't "morning time".  So I asked Hunter, and he said I can get another one. We are using credit card reward money so I feel a little less guilty???  Maybe I should buy a set of these Key Finder Thingies or I could try out the Tile to help me locate lost items around the house.  I am thinking one for the Roku remote, the baby monitor parent unit, my keys, my kindle, and maybe a few of Wyatt's toys he always always can't find.  Anybody try these yet?



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