Friday, February 13, 2015

Five Fact Friday

1. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!! I bought store bought Valentines for Wyatt's school. I haven't planned to make any yummy dessert for Hunter. Or even dinner for that matter. Bah humbug.  But I took some cute pics of the kids. Laura always hooks us up with the best outfits!

2. Wyatt always wants to wear his super cape after bath time so he runs around with his hoodie towel on his head.  Guess who else got into the action! I have to tie it up on the bottom so she doesn't face plant.  And the non stop climbing of the stool.  I remember this phase. The helper. The busy body.  The sticking her fingers in the butter.

3. Tractor Supply Company for 2 please
4. Wyatt has had a really rough week.  Hunter has had to work late.  He just wants to see him.  He refuses to eat dinner without him, and that doesn't work because Hunter gets home too late. Sometimes after bedtime soo he gets really grumpy and tired and melty.  He had an epic melt down one night and fell asleep on the kitchen floor.  I left him there long enough to finish giving Kate her dinner and got her into the bath tub.  This is becoming a pattern and it makes me really sad because he isn't trying to be bad. He just wants to see his dad.  We got spoiled over the last few weeks because he was getting home on time.
5. And more Valentine's Day pics because I don't have anything else to write.  I really hope everyone has THE BEST weekend.



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