Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Fact Friday

Hi Y'all!

1. As for entertainment in my life this week....I am currently glued to the TV watching Gravity AND it is stressful. Can you imagine floating in space with nothing to save you? The despair. The desperation. The panic. I guess I will stick to Earth.  Also, I am reading non stop...well by non stop I mean every night instead of crashing...current read is far so good.  What to read next....that is the question.

2. I finally formed some kind of "strategy" for some kind of "new roles" I can perform at work and approaching this topic is taking all of my courage but the "stars won't align" and I haven't been able to talk to my boss man.  I know stressing out about this is silly but my work self esteem is really low.

3. Lots of kitchen success this week. Baked Citrus Chicken was an easy win..throw partially thawed chicken tenders in the oven and cook while playing outside. Restaurant Style Chipotle Salsa...seriously only took 5 minutes.  Spaghetti Carbonara with leftover ham....ok, Hunter did not love this but me and the kids tore it up.  Also, hard boiled eggs on toast with tomato and goood...inspired by this recipe which looks way better than my shortcut. 

4. I really want to start going to our church again, but I don't know what to do about Kate.  It is not frequent enough for her to just get used to it.  She only has a few people on her approved list...and our extended families haven't even made the cut yet.  So we will just get paged...every time.  And it is a bunch of stress.  Maybe we need to find a tiny church where you keep your tiny babies with you. Or maybe I just keep waiting. Or maybe we just cry for an hour every week.

5. Saw this on FB....made me laugh....."Where's the cooking show with the toddler hanging off your leg, screaming for a popsicle, while you try to microwave a vegetable?" So real. 



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