Sunday, April 26, 2015

Baby Kate - 18 Months

Around 20 lbs
6 top teeth, 6 bottom teeth
Size 4 shoe.
Size 4 diapers.
Clothes size 18 month.
Hair....still little fella, but technically I can get some piggy tails in her hair

Kate has major snack envy. If she sees food, she needs to be eating food.  Sounds like her mama.
Loves PEANUT BUTTER!  She walks around the house saying butter and pointing at the pantry.  Nanas with butter. Bread with butter. Also loves pizza, pasta, mandarin oranges, berries, cheese, nuggets (but really only CFAs not frozen from the grocery store), chocolate, yogurt drinks, raisins, olives, tomatoes, grapes.
Won't eat ice cream even after trying it (except for one time when I got a peanut butter shake...she took 3 sips of that one).  Won't drink milk. Won't taste eggs. She has foods that she looks at and decides she will not ever put in her mouth.

One nap. Starts on the way home from preschool pick up or at 12:15. Whichever comes first. She naps for about 2 to 3 hours.  Her bedtime is between 7 and 8 PM and she usually wakes up right at 7 AM. We read 1 to 2 books and sing twinkle twinkle.  Then she begs for her ink ink ink chugs some water and lays down in her crib.  Wyatt usually comes to read in the chair and sing with me. She likes it. 

Imitating big kid play. Playing playdoh. Coloring. Using markers. She sees Wyatt and thats what she wants to be playing. She doesn't really play with toys that much. She prefers to hold one toy and carry it around the house with her.  I always find her sitting at the table in Wyatt's room doing whatever big kid stuff he left out.
She brushes her own teeth pretty durn good for her age.  Thanks big bro.
She knows how to stay out of the road. We play out front with our best neighbors almost every day and that rule sticks.  Yay.
I can't remember how much Wyatt was talking at this age, but I think it was more. She is really starting to say alot of words though.

Church nursery, but she only cries the first few minutes and when we come in to pick her up.
The Chick Fil A cow. The people in costumes thing is horrifying right now.
New people...she still really has to warm up to people.
Dirty diapers. This is new. Wyatt never cared.

I'm doomed. Luckily she hasn't figured out purses yet.
Daddy. When she cries, she cries for Daddy and not Mommy. I sorta feel like a mom failure every time this happens but at least she really loves him. What kid cries for dad when they are hurt?  I suppose the daddy's girl starts really early.
Play doh.
Color baths
Sandbox play
Playing outside
Playing at playgrounds...she is really into the swing right now. sidewalk chalk. She likes to carry around a piece the whole time we play in the back yard.
Pushing strollers, wagons, carts, around.
Riding on her trike.
Wearing her bike helmet.

Really her idea of a perfect day would be sitting outside snacking on some crackers, drinking a water, and sitting with her family.

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